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I think rat used thunder wave.
Watch as George is messing with atty and that girl isn't even a pokemon trainer.
My bet is atty actually stole one of those pokeballs earlier and that is how he gets an eevee.
Watch as five seconds after he puts on the uniform atty's like Nope, and puts the jumper on over the uniform.
As long as this is pretty much the end of the date. I think its pretty safe to say Caldwell nailed it. Good job Caldwell for not letting it end in some way that actually sours your relationship.
Happy birthday H0ly.

Also if this keeps up Atty should teach rat thing frustration.
Ok this is bugging me, I know that the quote in the alt text is from the 1st opening and george's final line is a reference to it, but are the rest of her lines from other openings? If so which ones?
I'm going to call it now, Atty's pikachu is going to run around just being pretty much useless, and then the sandslash will faint from the burn.
I feel like i have to say this, simply because of the people who don't like how george reacted, George just witnessed a slaughter and mental trauma, i wouldn't be suprised if she is in shock or something like that. Right now she is looking for someone to blame and Atty, is the only one around that she knows has something to deal with it. She doesn't know why he was being chased by the swarm or that Team rocket has anything to do with it. She will probably forgive Atty at some point.
I'm not exactly sure that DT will get all that exp, he might get the exp for the first beedrill, but since it was a chain reaction and he didn't Technically attack the butterfree, he might only get Exp for the first beedrill he attacked. Of course i'm not sure on this either.
I hope the person who made the tv trope fixes the minor mistake they made. The tropes spoiler says dragonthing defeated Khan's two ratata when they clearly were Nidoran.
I honestly can't wait to see what Atticus is going to do next. And I wonder who Masked trainer is referring to in the last panel.
I actually was planning to join Smackjeeves for awhile, i just didn't have a good enough reason to. I saw td as i was reading your essay and realized he was too hot headed at the moment and needed to cool down so i kept him away from the computer. I just felt i needed to say some things as as second person who knows td in rl thats all. I will try to further my career on smackjeeves maybe with my own comics which may or may not be handdrawn or sprited. But right now i'm probably going to be lazy for awhile and not get anything done right now.
this whole thing got blown out of proportions
Hi I'm Terminal devastions lil bro trying to shed some light on what TD is trying to say, or atleast what i think he is trying to say. He is mad atleast i think he is that a comic drawn
like that is basically being said to better made then alot of his Scratch sprites. Which i watch him take hours making with small little pixils. He Scratches entire backgrounds sometimes pixil by pixil. While most Sprite comics are copy and paste he does alot of scratch backgrounds and charecters. Yes after he has created it once he does just copy and paste it afterward. Whereas a drawn comic like the one being reviewed can take maybe a few hours to create. Also he is thinking that if some professional spriters got together and sprited a comic they could make comics that could equal drawn. Of course everything would be Scratch without using any kind of edit/base at all. Pixil by pixil using paint or jasc. I think he is saying that would take as long then a manga. Not a copy and paste sprite comic like everyone else does. Not timebreakers. Something else he is wanting to make. It would be a pixilated manga basically and he is saying that would take longer then drawn comics

So does that make sense? I think that should be enough. He's gonna get mad at me through.