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black snow
I'm an internet consultant and draw comics in my spare time. I have a BA in Film from UC Berkeley. You can learn more about me at
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    Michael Balistreri
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Appreciate the words of encouragement.
The Lone Wolf
You can learn more about the Lone Wolf by visiting his profile at
The Anti Nazi
Want to know who this guy is and why he is wearing a Nazi uniform? Check out his profile at
I love how the tension between Lightning Lad and Black Snow finally comes to a head when Lightning Lad can't take the abuse anymore. Of course it comes at the most inopportune time when they are supposed to be vigilantly waiting, thus negating all their prep losing their element of surprise.
Stake Out
This whole apartment stake out and its earlier scene strike me as one of the most bizarre and hilarious story lines we've had. The whole Kannibal Karl thing is just awesome.
Movie Magic
So far it seems like most people don't get this movie reference, despite the fact that it is a shot by shot replica of an entire scene. It's one of my favorite scenes, starring one of my favorite actors. There's a hint later in the issue.
Hawaiian Mike
He finally makes his on-screen debut after being hinted at and lurking in the shadows since Issue 1.
Turtle Power!
Two mugs then!
One my favorite jokes that seems to epitomize the comic. Funny, bizarre, nonsensical, self indulgent and simply unique. Classic Lone Wolf!
Isuue 4
This is my favorite Issue. I love the opening scene, as it just cracks me up every time I read it. The Lone Wolf is my favorite character, and I think this is his best moment so far.
Issue 2
It's finally here! I hope you enjoyed Issue 1, now prepare to be blown away by numero dos!
I know it's rough, but they get better. This was drawn back in 2001. I'll continue to add a page a day until we are caught up to current. If you want to see them all now visit my site at