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I'm located somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle with my two cats and 9 birds. I love neon colors, heart-wrenching children's shows, and super cute web-comics.
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I want to feel bad for poor Kenzie, but I can't stop laughing at the fact that I have his exact haircut right now. Oh man.
Oh wow! I was so excited to see this comic on my update list! Your art style is as cute as always. Glad to see you're back!

This has always been one of my top favorite's. Your storytelling and art combo are fantastic! Ahaha!
Oh wow!! Welcome back! I was pleasantly surprised to see this comic has updated! I have to say your art has improved so much. It's gorgeous! <3
LMAO! Dave and Karkat. Ahaha. Awesome~
Loving the pages! They're all spectacular!
Yes! A hater! A troll! Woot! Benji! <3

Haha. You know though Benji, those types of videos make you seem like you are talking about yourself. ;D
@Devdasi: Yup! Stephanie! We attend the same Asian Humanities class. Love her! <3
She's such a sweetheart.
It's actually ridiculously funny, because I have been a fan of your work for almost three years now. Then, to suddenly meet someone who's friends with you. Just one big silly coincidence. I was originally an Austin, Texas fan. I only recently moved to Jacksonville. It's very pretty here. x)
Aha! Agreed! Sparkles make the world go round! Loving this page, by the by! <3

Oh! So I learned today that a classmate of mine is actually a good friend of yours. Small world, huh! xD
Okay, seriously. "Fans and Readers," shut the fuck up with your whiny little bitch ass comments. The fucking universe does not revolve around making you happy. To be honest, those who actually put time and effort into their own webcomics don't do it to appease YOU, but do it to entertain themselves. The comments and love are just an added bonus! It is unnecessarily rude of you to curse this girl out, call her any sort of hateful words, or think you know what shes thinking when it is obvious we don't. This, though there is an off chance I am wrong, is probably just her way to gauge her readers reactions and take a break from the usual comic pages. Most of you have proven one thing, that you are not fans at all, just whiny little bitches who feel entitled. Get over it. This is HER webcomic, not yours, and she has every right to make a little parody and then vanish if she so chooses. I honestly, wouldn't even want to continue if I realized how many whiny babies read my work. I would feel insulted. Get over yourselves and enjoy this little HS parody. I'm almost certain she wouldn't put THIS much effort into ending something she had stated originally she was just going to drop. Hello, people, use those wonderful little brains of yours.

As for you Milky, you are simply fantastic. I loved you when I first started reading three-odd years ago, and I love you now. I am enjoying/enjoyed this little Homestuck-styled ending, and as I have stated in previous comments will continue to love this whether or not this is the actual "ending" or just a little filler. You've made my life complete. Lots of love girl. I'll be continuing my stalking of your DA account for time to come! <3

Commenting time for all these previous HS-styled pages: This is just fabulous! Seriously! CakeLoving_Bunnygirl, has it right! Don't let Hussie down!! Keep trolling! Kill them all! (I love them all to bits and pieces but this is simply to amazing to dislike!!!) Even if this is the ending (revenge to us readers), I can't even call it revenge cause this is just plain epic! If it's just a filler, I'll still be here commenting and loving every second of these characters and story with each new update! If not, hey, you totally made my life infinitely better with this!
I don't usually comment on comic pages and now I feel entirely awful for not doing it more. Firstly, while this is your choice, I really hope that you give this comic a bit more time. I feel like while quite a bit has happened, we still have a lot more to learn about each character and their lives. Secondly, the story itself is something brilliant! It's so unique! I fear that if you do end this comic, I wont be able to find something as absolutely fascinating as this. Yes, that sounds selfish but if you get to be then so do I. ;)
Thirdly, it is a secret pleasure of mine to see how much you've matured and grown as both a story weaver and an artist. You may not see it yourself but you have improved something fierce over these last few pages! It's wonderful to see. I would really like to continue watching you grow through this story!
Fourth, I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS SO MUCH! I really do. It's insane how much I love them! I can't even say I have a favorite because I love them all so completely equally. Ahaha. Don't take that away from me! I have to know what happens with them! xD
Fifth! You have so many fans, and I understand that you don't feel motivated because you aren't getting that much feedback. I also understand that this comic has run a long time and you might be feeling a little bored with it now. However, taking a little break from it and reassessing the comics main plot line may help. I know that finding a very good and creative friend to help discuss future ideas and plot twists with is a wonderful way to get back into the groove of things. Not to mention you get some pretty snazzy ideas to throw in! LOL. As for the comment bit, just know that you have countless numbers of people who squeal to death every time you update, myself included. I feel awful that I haven't commented all that often. I will definitely work on that. D:
Lastly, If you feel you must end this comic, why not leave it an open ending. That way you still have the opportunity, if in the future you suddenly get inspired to keep working on it, you can pick it right back up. So sorry for the wall of text, you are simply the VERY first webcomic artist and author that I ever started following. This is the comic that really started my whole love of internet comics. I just hate to see it go. You inspire me so greatly.

Lots of love regardless the decision.
I find it a bit humorous that, I as an older sibling, have done most of what your big bro has done so far. xD

I treasure my little brother, but when he's sick...I can't help but mess with his head! LOL~


And now it allllll makes sense. XD
Messing with younger siblings: The best past time yet!
....I'm in love with you. Yes you. Yees you. Mmmhmmm. Phillip~

Lovin' them cat ears! xD
The first thing to come to mind was "Hide up a tree!" Then I noticed the neon Cheshire-creature and was all:

ಠ_ಠ <( Oh...nevermind..don't..." )

Love that this updated right as I was wondering when it would! Such great timing~
I would kind of like to see their true selves. I'm slightly curious about their lives outside of the game. :)
This reminds me greatly of .Hack//Sign! It's very unique!
I'm still rooting Harold x Assistant. Assuming that there will even be any coupling of characters within this new plot. xD

Gosh, I certainly hope so~
I love how the poor Angler fish simply wanted to help give him some light, yet was so viciously turned down! I love it's little toothy smile-turned-frown!!!

I love how he stated my initial reaction....exactly as I did. "Eww, Gross!" with that same face. XD
Orion is adorable, though. I suppose they maintain humanoid form, but have an ants physiology? Like...the outer skeleton and stuff? LOLOLOL. Or was he simply using it as an analogy to describe how his people are highly intelligent team-workers. Ahaha!
I find it chuckle worthy that little Sisu is by far my favorite of her sons. Yet, we've not been introduced to him until now. XD

Either way, I am beyond excited for this chapter. I love that lil' guy~
Annnnnnnd cue Luke to say something both hurtful and hilarious!!!

Seriously though, I can't see this going anywhere nice or fluffy. Nope~
Goodness, golly me. She's pretty... :T