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Hey all! I'm Bubo. I love to draw, write, and hang out. :)

Currently, I'm making sprite comics, but when I (might) get a scanner; I'll make hand-drawn comics.
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This is a diary entry by Krisinda. 'Nuff said.
Lord Orif.
He's a new; once again, he was created by my brother.
End Part One.
Sorry for the LOOONG wait, as usual. I got a really thrown while trying to find a Saberdramon sprite.

Anyways, Chapter one is done.

This could be a graphic novel.
You're right.....I need to really slow this down a little...

Thanks! :)
I'm really sorry about the lack of updates lately, comic book authors have lives, you know.

The good news is, I've finally made a COMIC! WAA-HOO!

There are some new characters that I made....

King Lycus and Queen Stramma and, soon, a Dialga and Palkia will be appearing soon in the next issue...
They were reincarnated, so you will see clues about what they were in their past life....
Also, a new team, which is called Aero, will appear; they are the main characters of a sub-plot.
As for Serena, just wait, okay?

Stay tuned!
New charrie....
Serena is a Cherubimon who will help Max with their expedition....or will she?

He is (c) to my brother.
It looks like Master Kotaku magically bursts in into flames. :D

I should of put the 'Hours Later...' text in the cremation scene.

Err, I forgot to add the borders; but that's okay. :)
Well, I'm impressed by your work.

But you should ink it; it will look great! :)