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Hello? Anyone still there? Hi!

Hoo, boy. Where to begin? Tales of Kenah has been dormant for many years now. I read my last goodbye post (link here) and thought, man, this is so depressing! I really wanted to give up on ToK FOREVER?

I think deep down, though, I knew I’d never really let it go. I took a break, engaged in some other projects, got swept in an out of fandoms, learned a lot. I went to uni for animation, got a job at a game company, struggled (and continue to struggle) with not-quite-depression. But all this time, ToK’s been sitting quietly in the back of my mind, resting, quietly gathering the momentum it needs to come back. And a year ago, it reared its great head and said, HEY! THERE ARE IDEAS! And I listened, and I am still listening!

I’ve been working hard on ToK for an entire year now, working on plot, characters, worldbuilding, and more in almost every spare moment I have. Don’t get too excited yet - there’s still a long way to go! I’m not even halfway through the plot in terms of planning, and I want an idea of the whole thing before I really start working it into something worth presenting.

BUT! If you still remember this webcomic, and want to see its journey through development, there’s a place you can go! Art, worldbuilding, and other non-spoilery tidbits are being posted to Come have a look, say hi, catch up on recent changes, and ask some questions! This webcomic never got very far as story goes, but even so, lots has changed! If you want to know a bit more about the characters, read on.

Characters from left to right: Ciaran, Leanael, Xeari, Vark

Xeari has changed the least out of the four of them, both in terms of visual design and personality. She’s still bright and optimistic, though a bit of a scaredy cat, and she still loves helping others. Thrown into a new world and a new body, she’s pretty unsure of herself to begin with, but she really grows into the situation and ends up really enjoying all this new stuff!

Vark is still the same grumpy old grump, but with even more grump now. He’s holed up in his little mountain cave, set territorial boundaries, and scared off anyone in his area. He’s a voracious bibliophile in a world where books are still made and copied by hand. He is decidedly NOT happy to be dragged out on this crazy adventure.

Leanael… well, for starters, she gained an additional torso and two legs! She’s a Zethyl now, the race of taurs who have always existed in ToK but who have never showed up in the webcomic. She’s a lion-based taur, and comes from a little village in a very warm climate. As a priestess in training, she’s been sent out to get firsthand experience of the world. She gets a little income by helping people get from point A to B as a navigator and bodyguard.

Ciaran turned into some sort of shark Wevlin. It just seemed fitting for him. His skin is also blue now. He hails from a nomadic clan from much colder climates. He functions purely through logic and is unnaturally strong. The rest must not be said for fear of spoiling the story!

If you liked ToK in the past and want to see how far I’ve come and how far it will go, head to!

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I definitely tried to submit this twice as a guest because I was too lazy to sign in and it didn't work... maybe being signed in will help. xD

Okay, so. My character isn’t very unique design-wise, just a semi-emo black cat, but I’m willing to see where he’ll take me. His name is Jonathan. He hates being called any sort of nickname or otherwise.

He lives in a place they call the Back Alleys, the shady mazes at the fringes of the city where no one with any self-respect would go. He’s really scrawny due to not enough food and kinda beaten up from the tough living conditions. The gang cats always steal the urchins’ food, so he goes hungry a lot and he’s seen a lot of animals die off or be killed in competition. A few years’ experience have sharpened his senses, especially to the habits and traces of the “big bads” at the top of the Back Alley hierarchy. He’s learned to be quiet and only says what needs to be said. He’s always serious because of how fleeting any friendships of his have been and how hard he has to work just to survive.

Recently he picked up an old, out-of-tune guitar with only five strings (the sixth snapped in his face and now he’s got a scar). Since it’s so out of tune and no one ever hears any music in the Back Alleys, he’s made up some eerie tunes whose effect is kinda lessened by the fact that the guitar just sounds so bad.

Here's a quick drawing I did of him:

He wears all black, with gloves and boots. Usually pushes his sleeves up just past the elbow. Skinny pants, close-fitting collar – well, everything is close-fitting.

Yeah... that's about it. xD
Didn't someone get Melia? Or is hers coming next?
So hard Oo;
Charon: c, a, b
I don't know...
...Meh, there's a chance!
Deian: c, b, b
Melia: a, c, a
Charon: d, e, c
In the end my friend FortunaGrid said it would be better if I toned for the time being as we're not sure when (if ever) her Photoshop troubles will be sorted out. So here's the first page of the prologue of HaneHito.

This is the only page I'll be putting up here. You can go to HaneHito's page to read the rest as it comes.

So I guess now's the time to officially announce that ToK is on hiatus. (Ew, I hate saying that.) I hope you like HaneHito. :)

HaneHito reads FROM RIGHT TO LEFT. I'm going for as much of a manga style as my skill will allow.
I missed another two updates; I deserve to be dug into a hole and left there T_T

I'm really tearing myself up about this. I know I'm bad at keeping schedules, but I wanted to do more during the summer, and didn't, and I had so much time to do it too. I feel totally unjustified.

Nevertheless, if you've stuck around for most of ToK you'll know me... I have an excuse.

I'm working on another comic, HaneHito. Seeing as how I'm utterly unable to faithfully update just one comic, I really can't work on both it and ToK at once. Normally I wouldn't choose just any old comic over ToK - it's my most dear story and I'm determined to see it through. HaneHito is for a contest being held by an artist over at deviantArt. The challenge is to draw the first chapter of a manga. The deadline is October/November.

So the only thing stopping me from going into a corner and hiding away from the world forever in shame is the fact that this is a short spell. I'm working as hard as I can on HaneHito. I have a friend to help me with the comic and also to stop me from beating myself to death, so my workload is considerably smaller than the one for ToK and I can do more pages at a time.

I was going to put up this news later with the first page of HH to show for myself, but my friend's computer is being iffy about Photoshop, thus eliminating her ability to tone pages, and I felt so guilty about not updating and I had to do SOMETHING... -cries-

So instead the filler is the drawing that said friend did for me for my birthday (which was last week). 'Tis of Leanael, Ciaran, and me (Hex). I love it to bits. SO cute. -^_^-

As soon as we get HH's page I'll put it up here. I'll be uploading it on DrunkDuck, so at that point I'll throw in the link as well.
ARGH FINALLY. Sorry about that @_@ Life hates my comic...

The Dragons share their differences in culture, totally ignoring the fact that they should be being quiet right about now. >.>; Then Vark notices something...

Three panels! Whoaz. I felt a little uneasy thumbnailing this page - it's the fewest panels I've ever had short of splash pages. But phew, what a panel anyway. I thought I'd give you a glance at the wildlife of Kenah, as out-of-place as it seems to be after all those pages of lifeless forest...

A note on those berry bushes: they're actually goat-like creatures called cherlika pretending to be bushes. :P The little one is a youngster and isn't very good at it, which is why his horns are sticking out. Cherlika have feather-like fur that looks like leaves, and "berries" too - yellow blob things sticking out like pins in a pin cushion. WnT and I invented them for a Science project last year.

The trees return! I observed some trees a while back and I think it helped me draw them a little better this time around. They could still be better, but I'm satisfied with the improvement for now.
BlackEevee: Thank you ^^
Flame Shadow: Thanks :) I did? *looks over the page* ZOMG D: Shh! You did not see that. It never happened... *slinks away*
Aah, forgive me... Update is missing again. I have excuses! xP

Well last weekend I was without internet for a while, impeding my ability to update. That however should not have stopped me from actually working on the comic page... What did was a combination of the last piano exam of my life, practicing for said exam, a couple of other activities, and sheer laziness.

What stops me this week is the lack of scanner and tablet. I could have done just lineart without the tablet, but no way am I gonna take a picture of the comic page like I did for this filler. (I mean, just look at it! @_@) I'm lucky to have my computer right now as it is - it's temporarily set up on a little end table in my room which lacks carpet and is devoid of all furniture excluding said end table and my bed. It's only here because I insisted that I update here, even for a filler, because I felt extremely guilty for being silent for two whole weeks...

Reason? We're renovating. Paint and carpet. (See the filler for a diagram.) And we packed everything away in boxes as though we're moving... My inner neatfreak is spazzing at the prospect of having to reorganize later. But I calm it down by telling it everything's actually gonna be organized for once when we're done.

Anyway, the comic will be done as soon as things return to a normal state (aka this week). Thanks for waiting, and I apologize for my inner sloth.
Xeari's stomach speaks next, so they set off in search of good game. You'd think they'd consider being more quiet, or they'll scare off all the prey...

- I need to make more of an effort to make Vark his actual height. Xeari is nearly two metres tall while Vark is under six feet. Lol xD I'm gonna call this artistic license.
- Yeah, pretend it's a rock. >.>; Well what are you supposed to do when rocks can be any shape or size? -_-
- Xeari makes the best faces! *rofl* I tend to prefer characters with quieter personalities, like Vark or Ciaran, but they're just not this amusing... Oh, and by the way, her headwings move with expression, kinda like ears. She doesn't really notice 'cause humans don't move their ears for expression (most don't move them at all) so it's some sort of instinct of which she's unaware.
- Just try to pretend that I didn't forget to draw half the details on this page... >.>

Also, I got a new banner up, made from the pics from the wallpaper.
Sorry guys, no comic again this Monday. Makers I'm so bad at this T^T I was at Otakuthon all yesterday (Sunday).

Well, I don't feel so bad this time (lol that's not necessarily a good thing) because I was working my ass off on a ToK-related project. I'd had this idea for a while now. I was planning for it to be a celebration pic for getting over 50 000 pageviews on DrunkDuck. By now there's a bunch more than that, and it doesn't even include numbers on SmackJeeves and deviantArt because I can't find statistics for them.

In addition, 24 people on DrunkDuck and 16 on SmackJeeves follow ToK. Again, I can't count for dA. It's not that big of a number, but it means a lot to me. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would bother following my story, because I myself find all sorts of issues with it - and I'm only talking about the storyline here. But other times I think about how I want my ideas to be heard, how I want to show the world my story, and in the end that's what I'm doing this comic for. So for each and every person who's taken a look, even for only a minute, thank you.

I pretty much started this project on Tuesday. I'd thought up a layout for the wallpaper before that, and done a little sketch. The way it's laid out gave me an idea - what if I could make a bookmark for each character? And then I had an ambitious thought: wouldn't it be amazing if I could sell them at Otakuthon? So I immediately got to work. My original deadline was Thursday night, but my schedule is really busy because of my piano exam coming up as well as the end of leadership camp last week, so I didn't have a lot of time to do stuff. Interesting how fate chose the time I need most free time to actually give me a life. xD

Anyway, I got it finished on Saturday, then went to laminate at my dad's work. There were all sorts of issues with everything - printing was messed, cutting and laminating took time, I screwed up a bunch with the wallpaper sizes. But in the end I finished! And it was awesome. :D

I didn't actually sell any bookmarks at Otakuthon. I didn't have the guts to xD I mean, there's all those artists who've paid for their tables to sell their stuff, and then there's me walking around with a bunch of homemade bookmarks... lol. I gave away two, though, to people I bought stuff from. I think that's good enough xD

I'm going to give away the rest at my piano recital. I wish I could sell them online. Beh... when I grow up and get better at drawing I'll make cooler stuff and sell that. ^^

Otakuthon was amazing. My friend and I basically walked around the merchandise place all day. We bought SO much stuff! It's amazing. My walls don't have enough space for all my posters @_@

Sorry for missing the page AGAIN Dx *hits self*

You can download the wallpaper package here. It comes in different sizes for different monitors. I'd be really glad if you used it xD
D: I love that word! I discovered it last year and I think it's my favourite word.

Anyway, I just finished reading your archives (minus the last page because I felt I had to comment on this one). It's cute and random :P I like the drawing style, and I love how important cake is :D
And there's Vark, always one-upping the newbie. All seems to be well, but what about Leanael?

Mini Vark! Hehe. I think this is one of the few times we'll see Vark not being all serious and whatnot. Mini Vark has shorter ears and horns, as well as a less defined snout and jaw line. Lol, Dragon anatomy.

Oh gods, the grass. Don't even look at it xD I had fun with Vark in panel one. I like his back legs in particular. He's supposed to be looking at Xeari in panel four, but I guess I messed that up.
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Flame Shadow: I have some of those too. I don't really have anything against Eastern Dragons, but I guess I prefer Western anyway.
I fail at updating @_@; I was away all weekend and didn't have the foresight to complete the page beforehand. It bugs me how I can't even make one page a week in the summer...

So in the meantime here's an oekaki drawing I did of Xeari over at the Mediocre Militia Oekaki board. Everyone go have a look, and join and stuff! :D

I need to make more comic page layouts and thumbnails. Blaaaargh~
Oh, Xeari. Just swallow your pride. The two reach the field and come in for landing... One doesn't go so well.

I drew all the heads too short or something here. I dunno... I drew it at like midnight... I think I'm getting better at Dragon expressions and poses, though. Xeari in panel four looks kinda weird, although I guess you could put it down to perspective... which I actually didn't think about, lol. Oh, wait, I shouldn't have told you that... Um... *runs away* This page in general is kinda bleh anyway.
Comment Replies:
Flame Shadow: It's actually a book about the dragons of Dungeons and Dragons, but I didn't know that until after I bought it xD It's really good though, and has given me some ideas about Dragons and such.
Xeari's instincts kick in and save her. Vark is at least a little relieved; it'd suck if he ended up killing the Dragon who could talk to the Maker because he overestimated her abilities. He leaves the cliff rather more gracefully to join her.

I had some trouble naming this page, mostly because of the Staples (Business Depot) slogan. Grr. I want to SMASH their stupid red button. I hate it, even this page aside...

Xeari's body in panel three is too small, and her foot is way too big. Vark in the big panel bothers me. I redrew him multiple times but he wasn't cooperating... I gave up. Badly-drawn-Vark wins. Next time, Vark... next time... =_=

Now that Xeari can fly, I have to draw flying Dragons a lot. Time to break out the "Practical Guide to Dragons" book... it has a lot of illustrations and I've found it useful several times before. Just a heads up that the Dragons' designs might end up changing. I'll try not to, but if there's something up with the anatomy that would be better off a different way then I will change it.

A little trivia: you might notice that Xeari's wings have three fingers (minus the thumb) while Vark's have four. Well, compare their feet. Vark has five toes total and Xeari has four. Dragons have three to five digits, depending on their species. Also, I may have mentioned this before, but you can see the fingers and arms from the underside of their wings, but not from above.
Comment replies:
Flame Shadow: xD Thanks again :)
I think my page names are becoming less like titles and more like amusing phrases. I figured out a while ago that having one-word titles all the time was not going to do after hundreds of pages. (Yes, hundreds. I'm planning on finishing ToK as a comic and judging from the written version it'll be damn epic...)

More startled Xeari! And Vark is just being calm as usual, albeit in a silly way... I wonder how this will turn out? x] It feels good to have a little fun in the story now, after all the fighting and bargaining and what have you. It also lets me figure out how the hell I'm supposed to draw emotions on Dragons.

I had issues with the fourth panel. At first it was going to be Vark basically shouldering Xeari towards the ledge, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to draw that. I thought about it for a while, and figured it'd look pretty strange anyway, so I had him headbutt her like he does in panel five. And then I decided to pick a godforsaken angle at which to draw them. It looks better now than it did the first few times I tried to draw it, trust me. Drawing the bottom of a Dragon's jaw isn't something I'm used to. In general I think the quality of the drawings on this page are pretty good considering the angles at which I drew.

On one hand, it feels good to ink traditionally again. On the other, I made so many mistakes it's hard to believe... so thank goodness for Photoshop.

In an attempt to maintain continuity I shaded the Dragons according to my light source, which is the sun shining straight towards them and the mountain. In consequence there was some pretty drastic shading, which I think helped me understand... Dragon shapes? I guess... But having giant blocks of shade seemed a bit much, so I made them a bit lighter. A little trick I used when shading dark areas like night and inside the cave... :)

Comment replies:
Flame Shadow: lol. And thanks, even though the clouds only took, like, ten seconds :P
Okay, so the canoe trip is over and exams are over. Summer is here and so is a comic page! Sorry for making you guys wait so long. Since it’s summer I should have more time to work on the comic.

Argh. Digital inking. It takes me far longer than traditional inking, and is annoying in different ways. I think I'll stick to traditional.
I'd finished toning and the sky looked really out of place, so I toned it too. Then I erased in (out?) some clouds. I like it.

No, of course we're not actually going to make you fly, Xeari. You can go ahead and jump off, or climb down. Good luck with those feet of yours.
Wah! I'm sorry~ After leaving last week with a pseudo-update, then not only being late this week but also with another pseudo-update...

I really meant to do the page this weekend. I actually wasn't that busy... but it slipped my mind until Sunday night, so I worked on it, but then it was late and... well, I'll admit it, I was reading manga. It's addicting stuff.

And then I meant to do it today, but I have a lot of school work (which I also neglected for manga @_@;;;). And it's not gonna get any better. Exams are in two weeks, so summative projects and crazy tests are making their way toward me at full speed. So updates may or may not happen between now and the 17th (my last exam day).

Part of the reason I didn't get the page done was because after scanning in the pencil version I figured I may as well computer ink it. It takes a little more time, though. Still, that's hardly an excuse... ><;;;

ANYWAY. Sorry for griping and such, especially on the posting of someone else's art...

Henz sent me this AMAZING drawing of Xeari! I love the way her snout and feet were drawn... and her wings... and her spike tail... and all of it! This is actually the first fanart anyone did for me out of the blue - other stuff I've more or less asked for. So much thanks to Henz!
I wasn't able to do an extra Friday update this week, and I more or less missed out on today's as well... sorry! ._.; I'm off canoeing or portaging in the Gatineau as you read this. It's the final trip for my Outdoor Education class, and I can't miss it because we have to go on 3 trips to pass and I skipped both the winter ones (I despise the cold). It's a five day trip, meaning I'm not around all weekend. (I'm gonna die... Five days of canoeing and portaging and bugs and wetness and being smelly T.T) I managed to get the pencil sketch for today's update done, so you can at least have something.

Well, with this you can see some of my comicking process. I ink panel lines first so that they won't be affected by any erasing I do while sketching. As you can see, I pencil comic pages pretty messily. Since I ink panel lines of many pages at a time, I write the page number and name above beforehand so I know what page the panels are for. The drawn date in the bottom left is added when I finish inking. Since I actually write the story in prose, I take my dialogue almost exactly from that. I scribble the beginnings of sentences and such in my thumbnails so I know what goes where, but the text mostly happens digitally.

I might fix some stuff up when I get back, because I prefer Xeari's expression in my thumbnail to this one. The other was more startled and comical. I like panel four, though. Here's hoping I don't screw up the inking. ^^