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Molly's beginning.
In favour of getting more strips done in my limited time, i am forgoing shading. I'm just too lazy to do it right now =P
Its beena brilliant ride reading this and I will look forward to seeing any new work from you fs related or not. Go take your well deserved break =]
Damn you!!!!! >.< Haha I bet you loved put a cliffhanger out there just to get the reaction. I can't wait til next page!!!
I LOVE the ghost monster, deffo something to be freaked out by! Awsome styyyyle, keep up the hard work =D
Just 1 commment from the girl and it makes the plot sound so intense and amazing already!!
I love grave's expressions!! Especially when he's concious again and coughing, looks so perfect!
Loving the toning style!!!
Terminate the machine!
I like Isaak really, teasing is fun though D:

Machine drawing....not so fun....
I think your bg's look fine, the perspective it good. Awww Haru's bed hair is so cute and like mine ;]
The detail on the last pannel is immense ^O^
Gay scene Bulges
I got one ad better ;p "New to the gay scene?
You finally want to try it out Anonymous chat , no registration!"

Really fits with the bulges comment. Blonde made me laugh with the "I think I just broke my face"

Yay moe updates from WASR!
Gah I just love your toning style at the minute!! You do draw happy things, they make us happy :D
Background attempt
Background stuff...yeah..and nudity...
Supermegaawsome background!! loving the detailed style =D
I hated doing this page, too many people to tone.

Isaak is an ass...99.9% of the time.
Oh god can't wait for next page, the expressions came out perfect. You can really tell they're both hurt.

Keep it up =]
Yay for gay little stick silhouettes!

I tried hard on the background and I promise to get more pages out so stuff makes sense!!

I also decided i hate toning, it takes sooo long!!
hah i love herz and his older brother =D He knows all! They do look rather sexy as girls.
Awww I love haru's face, its that kind of subtle shy, embarrasment that makes him huggable =D looking forward to next chap!! keep it up!