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Sorry for the lack of updates recently. But things have come up which haven't given me time to even think about my comic recently. I'm hoping to get things sorted out soon, but it will probably be a bit longer before I'm ready to start updating again. Until then, rember these words of wisdom, "Never arm-wrestle with a quadriplegic."
Why bother just manipulationg people when the long term benefits of reprograming them have much more use.
Don't you just hate it when you go to all the trouble of planning a diversion that you don't even get to use?
Misdirection is the key to slight of hand... or hands.
Just because you ask a question, it does not necessarily mean you really want to hear the answer.
Kind of takes the wind out of your sails when they see it coming.
Yeah, I know it can be dangerous to your evil empire, but Weil's greatest creation was never really under his control, and just look at the fun he had with it.
Even Mega Man is bound to have have a secret or two. Happy New Year everyone.
Weil does have some experience in that area.
What better way to gain someones trust, than to discredit those who would discredit you.
Please do not try to do this for a loved one, unless you are also a robot.

That being said, I suppose that it's time for the obligatory Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays!
Not that Weil is the type who can relate to the public anyways.
What are the chances of running into an old man who needs help on Christmas eve.
A little patience can go a long way.
But then again, what would life be without clich├ęs.
Why woul Eggman program Omega with a festive holliday cheer program? So he would have an excuse to install an Eggnog cannon, of course.
THere's all kinds of freaks on the internet. Heck, there's one sitting in front of my computer.
There are times that you don't really know if you want to get what you want.
THis is a particularily bad Christmas joke that I couldn't resist. If you don't get it, your probably not familiar with the childhood parody of the song "We Three Kings".
It's always nice to get such a warm greeting on a cold winter's day.