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@R7N: Doing good! :> I've got three on the go now and they have all grown quite high. (They may or may not have gotten named...)
@GERUGERU: Haha, thank you! :)
(You have adorable art!!)
Growing things is really exciting!
Happy Birthday, Kawaii Bear!

Prune Bear, i've been admiring your artistic journey from afar and you have become such an amazing artist. Like you said, you've improved so much and it's really awesome to be able to watch your progress! Thank you for making adorable comics and creating awesome arts!
I enjoy and will forever enjoy being able to watch you and your art.
Keep it up! <3
Perks of having buzzed hair.

Hello, SJ!
It's been awhile.
Expect more updates soon. :)
I am madly in love with your comic. Keep it up! <3
See the full page at!
Sorry for the inactivity, you guys!
Can't believe it's already been 3 months??

These last few pages are gorgeous!!
I especially like this one. Has a really nice flow to it. That last panel is awesome. (I have a little crush on Kereon already! ; v;)
I don't know if I trust this "yes?" voice.
Be careful, Tomi! D:
<3 <3
See the full page at!
See the full page at!
Awww! ; _;

Happy Birthday, EE!
I've said it before, but ahh, I love your comic so much. My face just lights up when I see it's been updated. Keep it up! You're doing a super awesome job! <3
I love the colors! A lot!
Aw man, your style is super awesome!! ; v;
Finally got a pair of Five Fingers a few days ago. They are super awesome and make you want to run everywhere, haha.

Sorry for the quality of this one! Wanted to try out a traditional strip. :)
Two new pages at !
Rest in peace, Baggy. <3