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@R7N: Doing good! :> I've got three on the go now and they have all grown quite high. (They may or may not have gotten named...)
@GERUGERU: Haha, thank you! :)
(You have adorable art!!)
Growing things is really exciting!
Perks of having buzzed hair.

Hello, SJ!
It's been awhile.
Expect more updates soon. :)
I am madly in love with your comic. Keep it up! <3
See the full page at!
Sorry for the inactivity, you guys!
Can't believe it's already been 3 months??

These last few pages are gorgeous!!
I especially like this one. Has a really nice flow to it. That last panel is awesome. (I have a little crush on Kereon already! ; v;)
I don't know if I trust this "yes?" voice.
Be careful, Tomi! D:
See the full page at!
See the full page at!
Awww! ; _;

Happy Birthday, EE!
I've said it before, but ahh, I love your comic so much. My face just lights up when I see it's been updated. Keep it up! You're doing a super awesome job! <3
I love the colors! A lot!
Aw man, your style is super awesome!! ; v;
Finally got a pair of Five Fingers a few days ago. They are super awesome and make you want to run everywhere, haha.

Sorry for the quality of this one! Wanted to try out a traditional strip. :)
Two new pages at !
Rest in peace, Baggy. <3
My sister and I like to make random, obnoxious noises while hiking to scare away any bears or cougars.
We like to believe it works!
Aww, thank you so much! <3
Your comment made me smile like a dork, haha.