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I love reading manga and watching anime.
I am an otaku at heart.
I do not draw manga...but I wish I could. xD
Um...let's get along, kay? =D
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new reader and this may be long, sorry ;_;
I can't believe it took me so long to find this amazing webcomic. Actually, I haven't been on this website in awhile so it's no wonder...

Putting that aside, I think I'll tell you why I love White Noise and which characters I love. For the story...what's there not to like? I mean, unlike other stories I've read White Noise has this awesome uniqueness to it. It’s random humor and adorable characters are what make it stand out from other stories. I love the funny reactions that your character emit when they're all together. They are like one big happy family! According to Shichi, lol.

I love all the characters but after debating who my favorites were, I would have to say...Shichi, Riona, and Chakin. Shichi's hair is...JUST AWESOME. I also love her personality; she's outgoing, fun-loving, and likes to make people smile no matter what has happened. Riona...I am in love with her. Her cuteness and shyness really gets to me. She's always willing to do things for others and her sweet tooth is also just too cute!!! Sir Russel the Fifth...CHAKIN is socially awkward yet is trying his best to show his emotions/feelings, which I can understand because I’m somewhat like that too. I love how his hair represents a tomato too! He also puts a smile on my face when I'm reading this comic.

I will always look forward to reading this comic and can't wait for more great work!
You've got a really cute style!
heh heh...

Haven't heard from me since...who's knows when. Just to tell you that I love this comic and am still reading it too. Don't ever stop at being awesome! XD
Hmmm...If I had started out with a Naeteru (Turtwig) I would name him Leaf if it was male and Ivy if it was female. They're pretty plain names but it was all I could think of. XD
Awww Kitsu is so short. Its to cute! XD
September 16th, 2009
I love the "shiney" character thing! And I'm glad that there's a update too...
but I'm a little sad that you haven't drawn my cameos in the characters page yet. But I guess that's because of school and stuff so take your time. ^_^
Yeah! Another page! I can't really remember (and I SHOULD) but...who is that other cat again? Sorry! XO X3
September 13th, 2009
I bet she's going to tell them why she went out with him! :)
Hmmm...I love them all! But the one I use the most is Piplup. x3
September 12th, 2009
Pretty! I love it! I'm going to guess this chapter will feature ALice and Jake? X3
I bet he likes her doesn't he? X3
Cool! This is what would happen if Transformers met the Little Mermaid. X3 He's so cute!
Ha ha! Biel shouldn't be surprised for Annica being mean to him! I mean, just look at Anorak from a few pages ago...*hehe* Biel looks so cute in panel 7 (I thinks its panel 7...) >:)
I like GIMP better. I hope she chooses Piplup! XD
Awww there so cute! They're all so bubbley. I like Spring. X3
Cause, secretly, they're dating. X3
August 31st, 2009
Pretty! I can't wait to see what this chapter is about! X3
I LOL'D at the last panel. I would probably foam at the mouth too if another (stranger) girl kissed me. XD
Well you've got my attention. I like the beginning already. I can't wait to see what Pokemon she starts out with! X3
Awww Isawa looks so sad...Here's something that'll make her feel better! JUN LOVES YOU! Maybe...I'll have to read the rest of the story to find out. ^_^