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hi, my name is gray or dupe. i'm gay, i don't capitalize my sentences, and unfortunately i was not actually born on april fool's day (though i was born in early '94).

i use smackjeeves primarily to mirror my webcomic, drop-out, and i am not actively engaged on this site like i used to be.

i will still read comics and critique/offer my thoughts on them if asked over PM.

i think that's everything. thanks for reading!
April 6th, 2017
@moldy_pancakes : no. it will be just a little longer. i don't script by-panel, just the dialog, so i can only approximate how many pages a script will take, unfortunately.
April 6th, 2017
@One-dollar patron: that's super weird! thanks for letting me know.
March 10th, 2017
@Seven Rain: heya. i use comicfury as a host for now.
a lot of the discussion happens on scattered social media, but the site itself has a lot of good discussion in the comic section.
July 30th, 2016
sorry about the lack of updates, folks; this site isn't really a huge priority to me because, well, it has 12 fans (don't even know if any of you actually read it?).
my traffic from other sites pulls in about 1000 unique viewers every week, so taking the time to put it here often... isn't worth it every week, for my work schedule or for my self esteem.
June 10th, 2016
forgot to upload this shit here yesterday
June 2nd, 2016
April 28th, 2016
sunk costs and loss aversion
April 16th, 2016
forgot to upload the cover page with the rest.
April 16th, 2016
@Seven Rain: thank you!
there's probably no comments because i uploaded the first 45 pages at 4 AM on a monday, haha.
This is gonna be a LONG comment.
Well, if I were you, the first thing I would do is find a bunch of comics that are a variety of media - good comics, bad comics, traditional comics, digital comics, every kind of comic you can get your hands on. People will without a doubt have their influences peer through in their own style, and that's okay; experiences shape everyone in their own way, and, at this point, no one can say they are entirely original. As long as you aren't outright stealing their intellectual property and giving no effort or individuality on your part, influences are okay.
Personally, my biggest influence is this comic right here, and I'll be the first to recommend it to anyone; even if you're not into that kind of story, handling webcomics in the way it does is just plain skillful. I can honestly say it's the only webcomic I find so interesting that I devoutly check its updates every day. The first two books in Scott McCloud's making comics series is also a good read. Besides that, just experience everything-- it doesn't even need to be comics; observing any art's successes and failures in its storytelling is great.

After that, you'll find a couple styles which you really find brilliant. I'd say, try those styles out, and see which one is the a combination of efficient, but also enjoyable. Just experiment with everything. I myself would recommend a digital medium, because I think the best reason to have a webcomic instead of a comic is for the infinitely flexible canvas. I use oekaki, and I also know that sai, gimp, paint.NET, and photoshop are all nice programs. You can try a combination of traditional and digital too, as many people do.
If you're going to go with your half-colored style like the current, I would strongly recommend sticking to small palettes and spending some time with color theory. This is good in any style, but it's especially important in minimalistic ones.

Also, I would consider writing your comic right to left. It is your decision, but because your readers naturally read most things left to right, we are subconsciously inclined to dislike characters that appear and move the opposite way; it is uncomfortable to our eyes. I have a reference for this, if you'd like it, but you can observe this in most movies and probably comics as well.

I would also make your script more concrete, if I were you. A great rule of thumb for writing is that you shouldn't have a scene, or even a line of dialog, really, if it doesn't contribute to the story. This obviously isn't meant to be absolute, but it is a good thing to remember when writing a story. Keep moving, and keep it interesting. I go through the trouble of writing out all my scenes in story format, and reviewing them a dozen or so times (over the course of months, mind you, because they're written very far in advance), and I oftentimes end up adding scenes and deleting others, and always editing the dialog in some way. Considering other options even after you're done writing a part is always good.

And uuuhh I think that's it. I hope this helped somehow ha ha. Good luck with REboot; I'm still eagerly awaiting!
I'm pretty fond of this toning, to be honest!
I think the last panel looks pretty okay.
I'm interested to see how this dream sequence will make sense later on.
Happy new year to you, too! I should really take the time to comment more; I just tend to avoid SJ because it lags the crap out of my computer. Nonetheless, I hope you do well and update a-plenty in 2011.
First comic page for my comic Checkmate. Whew! Finished with 12 minutes to spare.
Aaaw. I like this one. It's got a nice mod to it thanks to the blue-ish color scheme, and you can see a lotta effort was put in.
Good job to whoever made this one!