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It's that Joey kid!
I was wondering when we'll see the blue lady again. And FIRST!
I was just looking through your sprites and they are very good, I noticed Tsuna from KHR!
You are not Seto Kaiba therefore you cannot screw the rules
I had to make is small so I could post it. YOU STOLE MY IDEA! I REFUSE TO LET THIS COMIC DIE PEACFULLY!!
Lol, I can spot a blonde N lookalike in the sixth panel and a Demyx lookalike in the seventh!

Love your style of art though!
>Walk past the ninja, you don't have time for this
>Someone asks you to help them move a really heavy box for some reason
How about a maids dress for Thorns faliure costume?
Aaron> Use a weak light spell to Blind the luzon
>Faite: Use the Luzon neaklace!
I was making a comic strip, but I need more of Snowy's Character sprites, and I need to learn more about Paint.Net. <_< So in the meantime I give you this filler to keep the comic alive...Hopefully....
>Glandor: put necklace on, it may be charmed as well!
>Glandor: poke snake with beam sword then engage battle mode
>Both: Leave the cave, look at movelists for a fire spell and stock up on items
@Ganato: Lol, CSI: Miami refrance.
Ahh the good old days before we all got nom'd life.. I was such a nooby recolour. ^_^
>Both: Close eyes, hold hands and run into the cave shouting 'CHARGE!'