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Faving xD
Falcon pawwnch! :D Love it xD
xDD I would be thinking "What the hell?..." stand up and walk away...with the cookies ;3
Rawr it's a cliff hanger! ><

I had two trick or treaters come to the house, so xD Yeah
OMG Update :D *gasp* GO Pikachu! Hmm...If you update on the 17th...That means that they may kiss on my birthday :D

Excellent as always (y) I see nothing bad about it ;)
Aww technically little Pikachu xD
xDD It's all serious, and the Pikachu ruins the mood xDD Well done (y)
Psyduck has snapped xD
Voltorb is 11...xD He's VERY mature for his age, I say xD

Persian and Meowth *¬*
I'm guessing Shun was about to join in until you spotted them xD
*Facepalm* Poor Kou-chan's heart xD
Aww no! If this was just normal pokemon, then that would be fine, but Ash belongs to Pikachu! xD And poor Psyduck :( Damnit Misty! xD
Why is it that when I looked at the 4th panel, I thought "Voltorb x Meowth?" !?!?! xDD I'm a giant Persian x Meowth fan, that's not right xDD

Good job as always, Yassa-san ;)Ha, little love heart above Persian's head x)
His serious look is exactly the same as his normal look xD

Very well done (But there was no PersianxMeowth love), I love it :D
I just LOVE the first panel xD
Ooooh, SNAP xD
I'm re-reading it all xD

Ash knows he likes it really ;)
Please! Fullfill the yaoi minds of everyone and make Persian at least kiss Meowth xD
Trish looks adorable xD
Go Clover! :D