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@Murp: Yep, Demon Dad.
@Murp: There are no laws (yet) against having an Owlbear as a pet (?)
@Murp: I think the third one is a bit too revealing (tho I do like the other two outfits).
@Murp: We always say that in horror movies yet they never listen
@Murp: bringing the ladder wasnt as fun as this
@Bluemj61: I think it was worth it.
@Kasunex: Its easy, you just need to have a Demon dad... or any sorcery-like lineage
@Kasunex: You can be anything you dream of little kobold
@So, Random Guy: My first idea was them running with a giant cheese wheel on top of them :P
@So, Random Guy: I killed a bat and got this enchanted sword that shoots fireballs (?)
@Brown#2: Well, she got a bunch of outfits, so I may swap them every now and then :P
@DeltaTheUmbreon: I like that one, would be interesting to draw her in different outfits from time to time :P
@So, Random Guy: A twig killed my father, I will have revenge one day.
@Brown#2: Happy to hear that :)
@Brown#2: Kobold is just trying to level up the crafting skill.... right?
@So, Random Guy: Yes, Necromancer Kobold friend is the new comic, its all about Kobold friend with some cameos from other characters
@Brown#2: Mmm... I wonder if we will get a third part of this.
@Brown#2: The games lied to me! Things dont just float in the air!
@So, Random Guy: She is not THAT evil, there is a label on the other side that we cant see from this angle (?)