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Miscellaneous requests for base poses, including sitting, climbing ladders, and being an anime character. I'll probably continue to expand this sheet as people complain about not having poses for things. Feel free to complain about not having poses for things here.

The tantrum sprites can be animated, just add a mirror of the three frames for a smooth loop.

Credit not needed if you just use these for personal sprites.
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I didn't dig this up, I was actually linked here, and people were talking like this was something very recent. I didn't actually check any of the dates before posting, so that's my bad.

I still stand by everything I said, and even if you don't use them to improve Ket's sprites, much of what I've said applies to your other work in some capacity or another and you can still apply pieces of it where they apply moving forward. I'm not doing this to tear you down, and it's not any kind of personal attack. My most genuine desire would be to see you improve at your craft.

You keep saying you want people to tell you how to improve, so here's my crack at respriting/slightly redesigning Ket's sprite along with constructive criticism. Some of this is specific to Ket and some of it is more general.

1) Contrast: The most egregious problem with your sprites in general is that you use 4 shades for literally everything but there's barely any contrast between them. This is especially apparent with anything white. I honestly cannot fathom what your monitor settings are that it looks "fine" to you, but when your darkest shade of "white" is well above the halfway point on the brightness slider all of the white forms near each other become totally and completely indistinct. There is absolutely no clarity of form anywhere on anything, which is something very important when working at the small resolution sonic sprites are on.

Even worse, this completely lack of contrast and outline constantly leads to your sprites getting completely lost in the backgrounds of your comics.

2) Light Source: For all your griping about pillow shading, there's often not a clear light source on Ket's sprites. I think this is mostly tied to the lack of contrast preventing any of the shadows from looking like shadows.

2) Design: I'm not going to rag on Ket's design in general even though I don't like it, but what I will ramble about is that it's extremely poorly suited for small Sonic Advance/Battle-style sprites. Her monochrome deal doesn't really work when you've got grey on grey on grey and no outlines, be they hard black outline or implied contrast-based outlines, to separate anything from anything. You could make it a darker grey, maybe, ( my attempt: ) but the design as presented does not work with a low-resolution sprite.

If you absolutely insist on going monochrome, you MUST have contrast of value, because you no longer can turn to contrast of saturation or hue. Ket's dark brown fur won't stand out from anything dark, so you need to take special care to make sure her hands actually read as hands against the rest of her, and since she's got white hair and most of her face is white (the whites of her eyes and her muzzle) you need to take special care that all of these things read as distinct from each other on her head.

3) Palettes and efficiency: You use four shades for everything. Literally everything, including a bow that takes up ten pixels of space and every piece of similarly-colored clothing gets its own four shades of grey. You should look into hue-shifting and getting similar colors to share sections of their color ramps, the easiest to do is usually something like brown/red/orange/yellow all on one ramp. Now, technical requirements don't mean that much in this day and age, but when colors share ramps it leads to vastly more unified designs.

4) High-resolution expressions on low-resolution sprites: This one is an especially personal gripe I have with a lot of sprite comics in general, but it's extremely jarring to have a fully-detailed expression at 3 to 5 times the resolution of the sprite drawn on top of it. The expression is always crystal clear with black outlines but it only makes it more apparent that it's surrounded by blobs of indistinct grey pixels.

5) Everyone is always leaning to one side: Like what's with this it's a constant in your drawings and even Ket's sprite I had to move some stuff over by a pixel or two.

6) Color Choices: You really like muted colors on a lot of things, but if you don't have any contrast of saturation it often leads to designs looking muddled and kind of ugly. Your character from Fresh Starts whose name escapes me (Lex? Was that it?) sticks out as a particular example of that. Even a little bit of hue-shifting would make these designs much more pleasing to look at.
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The Rumor Come Out: Does Neroe Yamanaka Is Gay?
Neroe Yamanaka is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay.
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