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I mean, I did use basic language parsing, but if you don't know the difference between "can't" and "didn't" that's on you.

And you know what, I do have an issue with the way you've chosen to use the English language, since you're deliberately misrepresenting the situation. You spent a whole paragraph going on about how people have "drifted away," like it's just the whims of fate and not a direct result of you creating new Skype/Discord chats to get away from people you didn't like (such as Breaker) without having to ever confront them.

I'm just curious as to why you lied. If it's because you don't like me and don't want to work with me, that's fine, I won't be offended in the slightest.

I'd take it to PM's but I can't get into contact with you.
Well, you said you "can't contact them" rather than chose not to, which kind of implies that you either tried or had no idea where to start, which is false. You also said that you "can't even say for certain if these people are still around the internet," which is also false even if you just meant Smackjeeves.

That's some pretty terrible phrasing if you meant that you just didn't want to go through the trouble of talking to either of us.

Again, I don't really care that you didn't reach out to me or Breaker, and I don't care that you want to rewrite the plot of some old-ass RP's for your comic, I'm just completely baffled as to why you'd lie about it in the way you did.
I mean, you didn't try to contact me, either, and we've had some level of contact more recently, not to mention the both of us are currently in SAZ and were in the Discord for Fresh Starts before it imploded.

I don't care at all that you wanted to rewrite the plot details from some dumb old Skype RP's to suit your comic, and in fact think it's a way better way to make said comic than trying to integrate some amateur RP from 7-ish? years ago.

What I do care about is that you felt the need to lie about not being able to contact us for some reason. Seriously, why even lie about that?
Decided to animate an old character on a whim. As you can tell, she is adorable, harmless, and an absolute bastion of sanity.
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Character development? I don't habeeb it.
always remember to buckle up
it's a good thing the recolors are safe i don't know what i would have done otherwise
The biggest thing I was requested for was "sword poses" so I went all-out and animated the hell out of them. Next on the agenda is more swordfighting stuff, including blocks and a plunging attack, as well as some dance moves.

The full sheet with and without the placeholder swords can be found right here:

Same deal as the other poses, credit not needed if you just use these for personal sprites and not some kind of commercial project or something.
If you're down for some critique, I like that you're giving things more solid outlines, and the blue cloth reads pretty well, but the gold jewelry gets kind of lost against the pink on the body. I think tinting the darker shades way more towards orange/red would help it pop a lot better.

If you're having trouble with the legs/feet, I'd try using darker shades for the shadows and outline on them, maybe just lift the darker of the two shades you're already using for the eye. For the beak, the general shape looks good but the shading there would also benefit from some darker outlining.

The tail is also a little bit busy, and the pale grey-lavender gets lost against the whites. I'd consider either massively simplifying each individual tail feather and giving them stronger outlines, or instead just not using the heavy black for any of the internal outlines in the tail at all.
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