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Not too much to say...I'm a poet,an artist,a musician,and a writer.Mastering the arts and linguistics is the sole reason for my existance.I love talking to people,though it's not unheard of for me to be rather misanthropic sometimes.Just don't prove to be unintelligent and all is well.That just about sums everything up,though.Anyways,hope all you smackjeeves goers have fun.^^
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Waaaaa,Shiratori,stop it curiosity is killing me. XD Oh well,always fun to have some suspense. :P
I'm sooo curious now....
Haha,yay,I love hugs. XD *hugs everyone*
*remembers school and nods* Yeah,that definitely sucks that you have school's going to suck slightly that you won't have as much time to work on this,but hey,do what you have to do.^^
Abel is definitely my favorite...I think Valentine is probably after that.XD Am I the only one here who likes Abel X Jacob?That is the cutest pairing ever to me.