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I am Christian. I follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I like Jesus, Anime, Music, Videogames, T.V., Drawing, wolves.
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Awww poor rat he looks so miserable. T~T Atty you better get your crap together and start treating your pokemon better. That, or at least give Rat to George.
Now that's just not fiar
Poor guy, but he was going up against two fully evolved gengars with no back up apparently. also, even if he was a dark type ghost attacks still hurt and then he turns to ghost and they hit him with another ghost attack together.
How does this comic not have more comments? It's really good!
First? Wow, aweseome.

And yes Core, yes, he MUST lol.
The end of an era
They are always sad but must come. DHK, thanks for th awesome comic. I hope to see more from you in the future.
Smoldering pile of baddies anyone?
Really, Bass is gana own these guys lol XD

Wow, I'm first. o.o Thats diffrent lol
lol wonder when Snake is gana pop out.
I have to disagree
If you guys think about it, Mecha Sonic became the big boss of Sonic Heros showing that he is more then just one of Eggmans lacky creations. Mecha Sonic has a will of his own and strives to get stronger himself. The willy bots are pre programmed at a specific power level while Mecha Sonic can go and get himself upgraded any time he wants.
Been a while...
Hey dude, I havn't been commenting for awhile but I have been following. I figured hitting the 1000 mark was a good reason to at least say congratz lol. Love the comic dude, keep it up! =D
3rd. DON FALL FOR IT SONIC! It's a trap I know it is.
HA! Thats what you get mega man. XD
FIRST! Lol, nice sonic.Nice =)
I'd love it if Miku Hatsune came out of no where and grabbed the leek and then wacked Mega for taking it from her XD
and lets see who sonic lands on xD
Hey Sonic has gotten frozen befor in his world in the ice levels, he usualy thaws pretty quickly, it just hurts him aftwards.
WooT! Sonic owned that robot's butt! XD But he should be cautios, Mario is most likely up to somthing.
Well...crap. I wonder what Mario's up to.
Huh? DHK, what happened to my comment? I commented right after you put the comic up.
OMG, ROFL! That wwas funny. XD