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i like anime...and manga....
and i´m a bit liking the yaoi xD
and... i like alternative music (:
yesterday i remembered that i had this account on a web comic page and that i follow this comic about a man with a day of the week as a last name xD then i remebered the typicall childhood game rock papaer scissors and i screamed MR FRIDAY!! wow
a mi si me gusta :D
no deberías darle mucha importancia a eso!
simplemente si no les gusto pues mira que se pierden! :D
The Dead Poets Society
Remembered me your webcomic...

this comic is more than awesome :D
well... she is walking because she has 2 legs for walk :D LOL
always happens to me!!! ¬¬
i love ur comic, how i would be bored with this? is perfect! :D
Gasp! D: poor Jack...
Thnks!! :D that really helped a lot!! wow i don't know why i remember very well the story of Mr. Fay but not Mr. Porter's D:
someone please explain me who is Mr. Porter D:

i knew it about Mr. Fay from the theater and that stuff but i'm still confused... who is Mr. Porter D:
Like @YukiAndZero... i don't remember who is Mr. Porter Dx i need to re-read
is this not the place that Mr. Friday mentioned to Reilly about a man with a last name of Fay?
I think i get it...
That lady is the Dr.'s wife, he used that guy body to kill people with his name but with another body...? and know that guy who used to be the killer is going out of his trapped mind and wants to enter to Dr's mind so he can be free...
Die old lady D:< u were gross with him ¬¬
that's me!!! hahahaha
q setziii xDD
hahaha waaa yo qisiera q mi futura suegra me amndara algo asi de mi novio... xDD
and with this how do u feel Jack??
LOL okey no ._.
i love this stalker :D haha
LOOOOL hahahaha xDDD