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Hi, Im from Vietnam :]
And Kaxen`s ask alty is my second favorite webcomic. Kaxen You are rock!!! XD
And yes, Im too young to play Assassin`s Creed or Killzone 2. But trust me. this things always happen in Vietnam
My favorite quote:
"Nothing is true, Everything is permitted."
¯Hassan-i Sabbah, founder of the Assassins' order

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December 27th, 2009
You are back!!!! WoooHoooo!!!
December 19th, 2009
Please continue askalty and I will give you some "banh troi"!
It`s delicious
November 7th, 2009
The game is Academy of Champion
I think it was speedy delete becoz it is wayy too short. :S
Your comic has made it to wikipedia! It`s article is wayy too short I`m afraid :S
lol He cut Ezio hand
And woohoo! Another trailer in Florence: and that plague doctor turns out to be a weapon seller
Like always. Very funny ^^
And nicely done about the new page
The trailer that stick talk about is ikia%2EHope you will fine it enjoyables like me ^^
Thats eventually funnier! Good one Brigid ^^
lol good one
But don`t you think buying upgrade is also a good Idea?
The ending is entirely different. The movie is just awesome! You will regret if you don`t see it. Trust me
Everyone 'hidden' games in here are rock! XD
Everyones seem to love my question ans your answer, of course ^^
Ezio seem to be dissapoint :[
awesome and funny XD
make a comic with Ezio using the curved-shot
(like the Wanted movie) to kill his assassination target lol
You really have big nerd-crush with Machiavelli :)