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My name is Rabos.
im 22 something and i live for french idol girls and tacos.
to gain certain confidence in life by practicing some form of artform wheter it be heart surgery or microwaveing cheddar cheese, i choose to make comics, to gain the admiration and devotion of YOU, the reader,
all i want in life, is you reading this comic, and waiting each week for the next issue/chapter.
When you sit there on a thursday night , waiting for the comic to be relesed, when you talk about the comic with your friends, and when you conjur up your own ideas and scenarios, when you have a favorite character, villain or hero, or idiot, the day you love my comic,thats the day i whould have fufilled my lifeĀ“s greatest goal.
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January 3rd, 2010
ok, this page wuz a pain... not beacuse of the process of drawing it, cuz thats easy but the decision of how it should be aranged, there was so many options( made like 8 diffrent pages...!) and i know i should have put more effort into it but i have to be quick about this stuff (test comic) so yeah here you go...
December 26th, 2009
im on christmas holiday break so its still in paint :)
its fun this way and dosnt really fuck me around like ps, but its coming to that im going to work traditionally tough with scanning and shit but ye this is wut u get so far, withlove // rabo
December 26th, 2009
i like your aproach with your comic
its not often people put in black people and i think you pulled it off pretty well.