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I recently decided, with lots of time on my hands to pic up back on watching anime and reading manga. I just happened to stumble upon this site and it was perfect for me! C:

I'm so happy i found it and one day i hope that i will also be able to put a comic up!! <3333

I love shonen ai(BL)/Yaoi..I FREAKING LOVE IT <333333333333333333333
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omgomgomg yay yay yay LOVE it/this/everything~!

cute update can't wait for me <3
I miss this comic too. it was my fav! <3 its okay thanks for the good pic :D
lmao i love this!

i love david being such a perv its awesome!

aww i hope you get back into the mood, id be uber sad cuz this is the best comic period
eeeek~ Just got my computer back after the charger went ka-put and i come to read all these fabulous pages! and man~ Jack just gets better and better! I <3 Mocha :D
Oh gosh the newguy is sooooo amazing @///@ im dying heehee i love him!

he is more my type then desta and davi-OMG IDEA ----THREESOME
hahhaha yay~ * 3*
I claim the new guy as MINE :D
gosh love him he is a hot-T heehe~
Poor David he just NEVER gets a break does he?! but maybe he just dodges it or Desta comes to the rescue! lets hope David doesnt need anymore injuries or soon he wont be able to perform sexy time with Desta!! D:

ps. you draw amazering cars xD
Omg eee~ i love how your updating so much! and the story UGH just sooo great! xDD cant wait to see what happens next! haha
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ YAY! I'm so happy! Now for sexy time!! 8D
wow i totally forgot that doctor even existed!! xDD

still cant rack my brain from which HMgame but damn cant forget that creepy face!!

and i know it isnt DS since i just got a DS, was it AWL? heck it musta been AWL xDD
eeeeeeeeeeeeee~ shoot me now! this is so amazing and precious! say yes Desta! look at the blush baby! you know you wanna! David's a hottie~im sure he doesnt have THAT many STD's D:
is it me or DAYUM that doc just gets hotter everytime i sees him ;D
omg! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!1
omg omg omg >< its been a few days since i have been able to check up on the best manga ever D: and omg look what happened! ACK i wanna die! and kill the Micheal! and hug Desta and slap David and be like "take Desta away! Micheal's a rapest horrible dude T_T"
aww Get Well Soon Gaara0013! <3
Thanks, Hope you had a good Turkey-day ;D
haha oh yeah <3

aww what a cute hat! and i love how Desta was a bad-ass lil kid xD
Desta's hair is growing 8D

omg a fanart contest would be so fun :D
so violent flashbacks AHHH D:

but hell yeah Desta <33
awwweee ;~; *grabby hand to holds Desta*