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Scotland is shit
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sanchez you sexy sexy man. godspeed, mate.
i dont want to be friends with delto please dont make me please please please pleeeeaaaaaase
Marcus shhhh the menchildren are conversing now.
I barely participated at all so I'm going to acknowledge my place and type jack doodoo
Eddi you wonderful bastard.
oh yes oh yes oh yes tac oh yes
will my body suffice?

i know you want it dont fight it sugartits
This is painful I am hurting please stop
when did this come back
when did naked rabbits get arousing I don't understand

cman teach me
I'm not even sure if this is Snap.
@AlexAwesome: Idk ask TCF he has a lot of those I think
Define 'rhetorical' Alex
I rather like this comic
Boh why don't you like masticating to horses
I want to sexual interfuck your couch Alex and by couch I mean sex