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Not fair! D<
I want to know now ;o;
Oh shit :o
lol xD
Oh gawd o-o
-hugs Kain- I'll save you! DD:
Oh my god it looks like my psychiatrist xD
Awesome comic.
Oh I think I have heard of this story :3
Have you ever heard of the story, Thumbalina? :o
January 15th, 2010
Well I read some of it yesterday and then I think I started reading it again at..10pm? XD
Well I cant sleep so, I guess I shall go get some food now~
Sleep is for the weak any way x3
Poor Joey, I mean Kain :x
January 15th, 2010
Oh my, I finally caught up! :3
God this comic is so sad though, I would never expect it to turn out this way from what happened in the very beginning.
I cant wait for the next page though.
Hah, I guess I can finally sleep now considering its 7am and I have been up all night XD
I love this comic, its amazing.
January 15th, 2010
I'm so sleepy but I cant stop reading.
Why does your comic have to be so good?
Awesome XD
You've got a new fan.
<3 The last panel, XD
So cute~
lol I love this comic. It reminds me of my brother, any way~
Keep making more, your awesome lol