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I am just an average guy that likes Anime, Video Games, My Little Pony. You know, the usual.

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Is it me, or if you remove Charmeleon's head spike horn thing, it looks as if we were looking at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle without the headband and shell?
Is it bad that I want to see George arrested to have her realize that the life isn't as easy as she thinks? I mean, accidentially putting Eevee in microwave, stealing, etc... She should be taught life.
Guys. Sir Valk is a Space Marine.
He's not a Marine and he's not in space... But trust me, he's a Space Marine
Gimme next one!

His arm was his wife.

He was Bionic Commando
Yeah, why don't you want to date the one-armed man?
When Mizziles close their eyes, they look like metal dwarves or gnomes.

I'm serious!
Silly Core, you're not Kamina
Why is there such delay between comic page here and on Drunkduck?

The way they ran out and the way Elle was hanging off him... Damn, they look like Zaraki Kenpachi and Yachiru
Looks like Pikachu is blasting off agaaaaaain!

I am going to do the Street Fighter x Megaman.. But I do it alone and I don't have the same drive as you do to keep playing a stage after game over even if you don't have the guy's weakness. That and I also failed by Exiting mid session when I wanted to pause and I had 5 Lives and 1 E Tank -_-
I was expecting that the comic after the 100 death will have the same epicness you had when you fought against the Original Yellow Devil.

I was not dissapointed
Hm, well, my version was better, was going to make a full out comic out of mine, just like the April Fools Toad man one which started this comic.
Oh, I'm also wondering. What Font do you use?
I believe I will be the first one to do this...

While in Megaman Minus Infinity weapons are different, bosses are the same except the Cossack stage bosses and additional Minibosses. Weapons are enhanced version of the original weapons in Megaman 4.

However, since that would be missing the intention of this comic to beat every Megaman Game...

How about you do Sidecomic?