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I like to draw, a lot. And also to waste time playing video games and watch UFO-related shows.
Will Update Every Tuesday!
Hi everyone! I've decided to update every Tuesday with one page. But I might not be able to keep up over the next few weeks. You see I'll be moving across the country to go to gradschool so I'll be busy moving and whatnot but I'll try and get more pages ready before all of that mess so I'll still have something to post! =D
and his brains go SWOOSH!
=D great comic! At first I thought it was another one of those 'depessed teenagers' thing but it's actually really interesting and the art really compliments your storytelling! Definitely a fav! Can't wait to see more
Really cool art style! Especially the last couple of pages. Great job at showing the rain and everyone getting soaked! Can't wait to read more.. especially since I'm in the same boat as those guys.. with summer almost over ;_;