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a hufge prokrastinator here!! =3

^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ^+^ ( my special smiley faace <3)
well here yah go, second page, i did an easy one 'kuz i wont be able to post anotehr one till after sunday ^+^ so yah,

ducks ray-dar hair went off! he sneced someone to kick randomly in the streeets! * face palm* <3 if iz to small idk,,,,mangastudio is soooo konfuzing! *kryz* somone heelp?

i swear that my pages are getting smaller and smaller! XD
well ijust relzd its to small! o'le shnappin!

my keybored dusnt workso i csnt type what there aying

but the fourth pannel clapper ( the tall/normalone) says "did yourhair just turn intoa ray-dar!?"

dude,,,waaay over did teh toning muhc am i rite? XD
well im a huuge procrastinator! yah im still writing the skript for the orginal story but im really swamp with finals coming up for school =P and since i already had this mini-special planned out fer my webcomic i thught,,i shoudl just post thsi up instead! show im not just a lazy ass with no ideas! <3 ( even though i am ahah XD)

thats duck! the short on with the intena hair,and is nohming on the guys head, and his hubby clapper! ( yes i love their names donet you!?) this is their frts date =D enjoy?~

i just relized taht these pages are to small =_= ill fix em later 3
welll yah its just as it explains up there ^+^ so =P bye bye now XD
tehehe this took me forever * krys* and its soo krappy! but! its helping alot doing this webcomic, its actualy making me wanan work at the pictures ^+^

well the guy on the floor(yes a guy in a dress <30 i still dunt have a name for him sadly XD sooo i feel sad XD but teh one with apple liek hair ( the shortes one swingin g the other guys shoe) is duck, and the tallest one is pop , ducks brother ^+^ enjoy! im tired so ill uplaod the 1st pag etomarow! ***SHOT***
this is teh secodn aprt to the picture i jsut posted, ^+^

heheh duck aint alright! he kicks ranodm people on teh street for fun!
Duck <3
this is Duck! it is a guy! =D i hope he is just as awsome to you as he is to me!
Le gasp! singing to aladin is my sekret pleasure!! haha ^+^

lovin this webcomick <3
"evil charachters of DOOM!" ahah sorry but that lioen just kikass to me! ( sorry fer bad spelling)
YES! a harvest moon BL! exactly what i was hoping for! ( now only if tehy could yu'se taht as an actuall game! XD ^+^)
Well basically, teh guy is saying how he wnate dthe promaotion tht the otehr guy got isnstead, he got pisse,d then punched him and tehn got fired! =) no offense to any asians! XD. its not the pretiest page yu have ever seen. but at leats im posting rite?! =) ok ok im not the greatest artoist seaersly i suk@! XD but this is fuun! =) teh next page will be up tomarow fer anyoen who kares! * krys in a korner alone*

plz komment on teh fakt tht i need feedback! also go to for page one o this so that if yu wnat to, yu kan jsut rea dit tehre =) * plz koment*

pg 2 is here, but only the firts part of it =)

This is teh chapter cover, it will amke sence if you rea dteh writen story

or if yoru patient enough to wiat for the manga part =) im sorry im so slow for ppl waisting your precious no life time to view this XD ( im one of thos eppl! XD)

the Main character is, DEREK! please remmeber his name wisley =) ^+^

thank chu! please comment as i nee dfeed back =)

also im sorry my darwing skills arnt as great as most but hey, i ifnd it fun ^+^ so i aint stoppin! <3
temporary desighn <3
This is Dereks ( teh detektives) temporary desighn, imah re-draw him in a few, this is my writers * ganzalo'z* style, so ill need to re-do it =) ok! i now have the first page of hobolicous rom my wrighter, please, im soo sorry for those who have viewd it and have seen nothing ^+^ i swear ill have the first page up sooN!! im sooorry!!! TT+TT but!!

PLZ!!! if you'd liek to read teh first page instea dof waiting, i have it up at here =) please! im begging for feedback, i know the first page is a little plain, but afte rthis is wer eit starts getting good =)

and i apoligize for my bad typing ( i may speak english, but i dont speak it all that well XD and i was born speakin english! XD)
im os sory to those of you who have been here and sen nothing! im having my friend come over later to help with the site! im jsut so confused!

for now juts stare at this beutfully kruddy pcture taht i did in les then 5 minutes =D enjoy! <3