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Now to go back and get the code pieces cause I didn't write them down...
Also not finding Zoi
Got all but Zoi... tbh, I'm not writing the codes down until I find all 10... yeah, not smart... oh well.
So, um, sorry, but maybe this is just me being confuzzled lesbian girl, but I don't get it. I mean, I get that one is missing and one isn't shown (missing or otherwise), but ... masturbation joke? I lived with a boy (ex husband) for five years, and I am so totally lost.
LL! I didn't even notice the bunny slippers until I read your comment. That juts adds to the win.

Zoi is absolutely hilarious as insane. I almost don't want him to ever become sane. Ever.

I really do think Kunz slipping into Elizabethian language absolutely makes this. Hark, is just, off the top of my head I can only think of three references and two are carols and one is Romeo. But I think it works a thousand times better than "look!" here.

I think, despite Ami not actually being in this one, that this is my absolute favorite so far.

Also, I just noticed that the quotation at the top changes not with each strip but with each load...
I think Sapphire's the best on this page. The whole page is great, but while everyone else is freaking out about Zoi's extra oddness, Sapph is trying to keep it together and be polite.... until even he can't anymore! I LOVE IT.

Zoi's very very scary. "Worse than Usako"? That's saying something.
Is Zoi wearing a blouse?

I think Neph is really the best part of this though, he just looks so defeated!

This is a fantastic page!
I quite enjoyed this event, even if I kept over-thinking the last one.

This was a wonderful break from our regularly scheduled 4KH, though I do look forward to the story continuing.

One question though, and it won't change my opinion about anything, is just a curiosity, is this now 4KH canon?

Also, Venus, Kunzite, don't mess with Mercury! :)
Good for you, Mamo!

Saffir and Ami start showing feelings for each other and Zoi gets emo/moody/upset/sincerely interested in Ami (though perhaps he doesn't realize it).
Dude! Grandpa gives at least as good as he gets from Rei! Bravo, Grandpa. And way to keep your eye on the ball. ;-)

And Jade looks really good in the uniform.

Poor Rei.

I tend to avoid crossovers an am not really familiar with enough other animes/mangas to have an opinion, but I hope others' answers will enlighten me!
Question: Ellen Page for Ami, just cause right now I'm in love with her, though she's probably a bit too old, but whatever. But I think she could pull off the short blue hair look.

Ok, this comic. Um... Rei?

Dude, hanging out with "the weird short kid" beats hanging out with Neph and Zoi? Jade's got his own brutal going on!
OH! Question, forgot it.

Recycle! Through leading a Green Movement, I would bring peace to the world and be elected Queen. And then I could recycle the brats!
Kunzite = BAMF
Way to win the psych out!

However, there's another option, Usagi (how old are the girls at this point? Old enough that Mamoru doesn't seem to think being with Usa would be pedophilia) is like "ABOUT FREAKING TIME!"
Haruka in anything but a few (as mentioned above, a cooking contest would be Mako), but Haruka is simply more competitive than Makoto.

SQUEE! Zoi has actually thought about it, and in answering the question betrays that he might be just the tiniest bit interested!!!!!

Kunzite... that's cold. Just really really cold.
Kunzite considered that fair play?

Or is it that Kunzite understands Mamoru's relationship to the girls and considers it fair play?

Damn, makes you wonder what Kunzite himself is planning.
See, yeah, I see Neph as getting some of his own back, but I also see him helping Mamoru out (though major embarrassment for Mamoru!) I mean, Mamoru was just trying to figure out how to let them down without insulting them and Neph swept in with the best solution!
Oh, Zoi...

I love how they're both just so calm about it. "What? What's the big deal? Don't they do this on earth?" LOL

And the fact that he thinks Mamoru is worried about being left out, but it's ok, cause he'll pay him some attention too...
The best part is, that the "orgy with you and Usagi" is just part of a list, nonchalantly thrown in.
He was Obfuscated!
You don't, but he was like half cut off by the panel and smallish that it was hard to see some of the features that would distinguish!

OOOH, Nice "bedroom."
YAY! New comic!

Is Kunzite referring to himself in third person or is that Zoisite? And is that a bit of a dig at Kunz if it's Zoi?
Dude, this is an awesome idea, though I feel like I fail for not getting a joke, but I'll get someone to explain it to me when this is all over.

Loving it!