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I'm just your average nerdy homeschooler. I like making sprite comics, eating, and other stuff that you don't care about. Check me out on Twitter! @Delta56

I'm also Kuroda. :CCCCCCCCCC
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Lug. He only has one account. the others are inactive. what account are you talking about?
This sprite just sucks.
My cameo. CCCCCC:
lol wave. YOu deleted your original SJA, SO I made a awards, YOu can't say I stole the idea you stole from others now.
Ew. Fucking disgusting. TOo bright,
This whole comic needs more Kuro. c;
not until we see you using our advice. :c
You are gaining something. The ability to get better at what you enjoy.
lol you deleted the page.



He has a small shoe edit on his sheet. Hard to tell, but he does.

None of eddis sprites are 8 bit. What the hell are you smoking man. I want some.

*looks at Lug's sheet* Oh look. A recolor of sonic with a minor shoe edit. Wow. Like you can crit Eddi.
lulz Lug. It's a Blanket. Not a Pac Ghost.
me niether. but maybe we can get it back.