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Archie The RedCat
a manga/comic freelance artist, and published some of manga book in my country Indonesia.. :)
open for job and commission.. ^_^

just PM me.. :)
@Sushirolled: Thank you so much for the sweet comment.
no body know about my works probably of lack promotion? also sometimes its about luck ^^a
I will try my best
Chapter 0 end...
please kindly visit my Patreon page
visit my Patreon page
your support are truly help!
@otakulys: no thank you I already have someone that fixed this comic in English,
even that you think its wrong, But I already trust my friend.
In the past I Also have many people that keep suggesting me with the English correction, each person have different approach. its confusing, so I just choose one person instead
Daemons can drunk to

check out my patreon guys
guys, visit My patreon
any kind of support will help :)

thank you in advance
thank you everyone who still reading this story since years ago and follow the update :)

if you have the time
kindly check out my patreon page
@crystalgardian: Im sorry for kept you waiting >..<
@CrowWingedAngel: thank you for welcoming me, ^^
Im not that good in doing background, but I always try my best.
this page is killing me, but Im proud with the result ^^

also I'm making a Patreon page :)

please kindly check it out if you have the time.
your support are truly appriciated
yes I decide to continue this story
what its been 5 years since its started? gosh I make you wait all that long.

i refresh all the pages and add some cover at front.
you might want to reread the story from the start again?

thank you for viewing :)
for readers who follow this story since the start probably confuse about the page arrangement and the changing,
I try to treat this story more seriously, with decent text, tone and inked comic page.
I hope you will enjoy the story more from now on,
please keep reading until the end,

thank you ^^
@CrowWingedAngel: yup. I try to refresh this comic into more professional looking ^^,
thank you for looking :)
@PoBoRo (Guest) : thank you for the input, but I cant find the text you are referring..

do you mean page 21
when Sin say : "this matter are a secret "
so I have to change it into "the condition is secret"

before the current person who help me on the grammar, earlier I have 2 different person that also help me corrected the grammar.

then I realize even many people are willing to help me corrected the text, there always be someone who will corrected the text again and again.

I dunno if its make sense or not.
but I have to trust the person that I choose to help me with this.
if not the text will keep changing..and changing and changing...

so please for everyone who read this..
bare the grammar mistake please.
me and my grammar assistants are trying our best to provide you a readable webcomic.

if the grammar mistake make you uncomfortable with it. than Im terrible sorry.
but this is how my webcomic will be.
with or without grammar mistake

please understand my decision ^^

@luke : haha ! found our comic dude..
and I dunno how to add my link profile on this comic page.. O_O Im confuse to..

@guest : thanks for the feed back, I really need to practice on perspective even more *A*
@neopanda89: thank you very much.. ^^ the truth is, I already have someone who fixed the text for me..
Myself dont know English verymuch ^^
@Myriads of Blue: Enfer are not the part of the team, hes the one in charge to pick up new member and take care the headquarters Lol XD

Panthera is Mafia gang, all the member divided into groups.

but here if you wanted to see colored Enfer--> rchie-the-redcat%2F955998&qo=18