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December 23rd, 2010
It's like a tree of evil. In an awesome way. I like it's little evil head things, too. If I were Maggy, I really wouldn't feel comfortable with my fate in Sid's... claws.
November 2nd, 2010
Hehe, I'm with Raz on this one. I hope Sid made a buddy that goes bump in the night. >:D

Has Maggie gotten buffer since his first appearance? No? He looks surprisingly buff compared to Raz now, which is silly seeing as Raz definitely looks a bit bigger than his first appearance. Maybe it's just those hands in the third panel. At first glance, I thought he was going to strangle Raz. XD
October 29th, 2010
Well, this brings a whole new meaning to the word "responsible" a dozen pages back. There's been no clear sign that the crazy red lady is actually stuck to Raz, has there? Text shadow definitely belongs to him, but hasn't the red lady been where they both have been?

Know what? I'm just going to stop questioning it and just sit here amazed at how cool and creepy the red lady looks. Those bones are awesome.
October 15th, 2010
I DID forget!!! I have such a horrible memory for gaping chest wounds. T_T

Um, I vote that the content is more surprising than the color. Is that baby-Maggie learning Magic? I'm assuming it's not Raz because of the hair, but that does make me wonder if Raz was ever little or if he's eternally 20-something-ish.

October 14th, 2010
I really like this comic, but unfortunately I'm not commenting to shower you with praise. I'm commenting to ask if you're really sure you meant to say that Sifris is stoned in the 2nd panel? In America (and I'm fairly positive in the United Kingdom as well), the term "stoned" means that a person is high on drugs, typically referring to marijuana or occasionally narcotics. I think that the word you were looking for is "petrified" which can mean that something has been turned to stone, like the mythical basilisk or the gorgon Medusa had the power to do; but it can also mean that something has been struck stiff by shock or fear, such as Sifris is at hearing the bad news.

I don't mean to criticize or insult you, I just thought you might like that brought to your attention. ^_^
October 14th, 2010
It's OK. I already knew you were a tease, after all those questions you leave us with. lol. XD Wow, I totally forgot that Maggie had been stabbed until Raz said that. And I agree. The red thing really does look like a woman. Creepy.
October 13th, 2010
What's he going to do? What's he going to do?! Dude, I swear if something absolutely anti-climatic happens on the next page, I'll... I'll call you a tease! That is a serious face Raz has there, man. I have serious expectations. XD j/k (a little, anyway)

Glad Maggie's back! I missed him. I find it kind of funny that Maggie thinks he's got free-range of the bed after dumping Raz in the river. Is he ballsy or was he just not expecting Raz to be back so soon?
October 5th, 2010
Yeah, I'm pretty much with Raz here. I think I would've gone for something more along the lines of "OMFG, you're back!" if it were me. Poor, stupid Sid. Raz's new eye is freaking me out. Is it super-dilated? Will that fade with time? Or is it going to stick like that 'cause he didn't really fix it?

Sid's face in panel 3 is full of win. XD
I really love this comic. It's beautiful and highly intriguing.

But the real reason I'm commenting is to tell you that on panel 3, you accidentally spelled "ether" instead of "either" and "becom" instead of "become." And on panel 5 I'm curious as to whether or not the "why have you them" is intentional or not. If it was intentional, what kind of accent is she supposed to have?

I don't mean to be picky, I'm just pointing them out because I assumed you didn't know and might like to. ^^
September 29th, 2010
Of course there's an ulterior motive. Maybe it's GUILT for corrupting a poor little old man. Ok, I know that's not true. I just still feel bad for the little old man and his cute little green thing.

Haha, irony. I was reading some of the older pages just yesterday and I thought to myself "WOW. Raz sure has changed since page one." I miss Maggie now though.
September 27th, 2010
Every time I see a new page from you I remember "Oh right! This comic is freakin' awesome!" Really! I do. I forget. I have a bad memory. XD

As for your color or not to color dilemma, I probably don't have any right to even comment. I know about as much about visual art as a fish knows about flying. What I suppose I can say, if you'll permit advise from someone as unaware to the process and labor as me, is that your pages are visually astounding. The color looks great. I think readers would be willing to deal with slower updates if you're producing this quality of pages. HOWEVER, if the real problem here is the effort it takes for you to create the pages, then I think it'd be better for you to ink. If the comic becomes tedious for you, I can assure you just from what I've seen of other webcomics that your updates will become a whole lot less frequent. And no comic really needs color to be good. I know a lot of great black and white comics and a lot of mediocre colored ones. And inked pages leaves a great opportunity for astounding colorful bonus images. ;D But I'll assume you already know all this. I'm just supporting my argument with facts, man.

TL;DR version: Why do you want to switch, because it's too hard on you, or because you're worried about what the audience thinks of your update schedule? If it's because of the audience, keep the color, alter the schedule. If it's because of your own feelings on the matter, go with the inking. Personally, I think backlogging is a good idea regardless. Seems to take some of the stress off the comic-maker when it comes to updates.
September 26th, 2010
I love how confused Sid is. Mr. Magician's a magician. *snerk* Awesome.

Curious, does this mean that the chick is going to be a recurring character like Sid? Just assuming that now since the filler has them interacting and all.
September 3rd, 2010
Aw no! It's raining magical green thingy! Poor little magical green thingy... It was so cute...

I feel bad for the magic man. He looks so tiny and sad in the last panel. Please don't hurt the old man anymore, Razzy. Please?
September 2nd, 2010
I tried to imagine Raz old, quiet, and patient.... I failed. Curious, does the old man have no eyes? Or is he just really squinty? Not that I'm hoping Razzy will pluck out his eyeballs, or anything...
Just started reading this comic and I think it's amazing and hilarious! Also, the pages you did awhile back with Labyrinth got me addicted to Oomph! Can't wait to see more of this comic and good luck with your new year! : D
August 30th, 2010
I really like the texture under everything. Or whatever you'd call that thing which lies under the other things. idk... I'm about as artsy as a paper bag. XD It looks really neat though. And I like your action panels. They look wonderful. Not many comics have awesome action panels. And I like the demon's text font. It is highly awesome.
August 30th, 2010
Aw, Razzy revealed himself so fast. Or at least revealed that he wasn't helpless so fast. I guess he really does need a gag to go incognito.

The green thingy is adorable. It's so cute, I want one to cuddle. Except I don't think much in this universe is very cuddly. :( Would it eat my fingers if I tried?

The last panel is full of win. Raz looks awesome.
August 29th, 2010
Maybe not so much on the side of hilarious (Tela kinda gives me the creeps. Where are his eyeballs? You should never trust a man whose eyeballs you can't see. Case and point, Razzy on the alter. XD), but that green thingy certainly has awesome potential. I am now expecting awesome from this scene instead. Or maybe creepiness. Could go either way.
August 29th, 2010
She's marked, right? With the mark that says she did something horribly, horribly wrong? I wonder what it was... With the size of those hooters, I've got a few guesses. Also, that the eye is still smoking makes me happy. It looks so neat. I'm kinda hoping the magician she's talking about is Maggie. That'd be hilarious.
August 24th, 2010
So are they not speaking English or is Sid just illiterate? If they're not speaking English, does that make Maggie the illiterate one? Also curious as to whether or not Maggie wrote all that backwards (because that'd be pretty awesome) so it was facing the right way for Sid, or if his squiggly bubble finger magic is just talented enough to orient itself properly at his will.

I agree with what SBDRAG said. Sid fails again.

My guess as to one of the important things no one's mentioned yet: Raz can understand Mr. Magician a whole lot better than Sid can, even though they've only known one another for a short amount of time. It's like Raz can nearly read Maggie's mind, while Sid's really struggling with the whole "how to communicate with a mute guy" deal.

Also, I wonder if Maggie thinks that sleeping with Raz falls into the "responsibility" category, or if it's his responsibility to help Raz BECAUSE he actually likes him. IDK, that's what I got from that "do I or don't I repulse you" scene way back when, that Maggie was waiting on/wanting something from Raz.

I don’t think that he’s directly responsible for the curse (which I’m assuming Raz has had for more than a year now), and I don’t think that being cursed has to do with Raz’s job as a priest. I mean, if someone could just go around cursing you for being a cog in what’s really starting to look like a system of justice, there’s something wrong there. I think Raz got cursed because of something he did off-duty. I also no longer think that Mr. Magician is a white knight. There’s a reason he keeps interfering, and I don’t think it’s just because seeing people hurt makes him sad inside. I think that Maggie’s reason for being in Mionfaer is a bit sketchier than that. After all, he was hunting of his own free will at the beginning. He was the one that summoned the creeper. I don’t think he just happened upon Raz and decided to play Good Samaritan.

I have spent way too much time thinking about this...