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Hey, my name is Scott. I like Sunsets, and long walks on the beach... Just Kiddin. I like Video Games, Anime, Manga, Computers, and most of all, GIRLS! (Well, if I can get any...) Me and my friend had a sprite comic website, but it was shut down, so smack jeeves was the perfect opportunity to get out unique sense of humor out there. I am a BIG Nintendo fan.
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Yea, as if I wasn't already on a vacation...
Anyway, I just wasn't happy with where the comic was going, and how i was going about it. I'm going to hand draw Red and Blue from now on, and until I get comfortable with my drawing style, there won't be any updates. Thanks for reading
Sorry its so late, Last night, I spilled a bowl of cheerios on my keyboard. Honestly, I didnt know Milk could destroy a keyboard in only 3 seconds. So I bought a new better one, and I am happy again. But no more cheerios at the computer for me...
I am here! I just got back from my vacation, Sorry.
I got lazy on this one, I guess it shows, eh?
Hilarious, keep up the good work.

Scrubs IS a great show...
I dunno, but I feel like Red is a little more witty then usual in this comic. Could just be me.
Well, thats a good month in between posts, but with summer, i'll update more often.
It is seeming quite... Dead... around here. Someone needs to get in touch with Tyro
Woo, New Nav Buttons...

Meh, i got nothin...
Don't Count Me Out Just Yet! It won't let me post my comic, im unauthorized
I thought everyone just quit! lol, apparently not, I still have all my comics and sprites and stuff, I just don't know the order they were in
Sorry, A little late. Seeing as the server was down, nothing I could do.
Elliot REID
Nice comic, your drawing style is really nice, Love Scrubs btw also!
Idea, Change the color of the Thief character's text to a more visible color, or just add text boxes. Nice comic though
I really like it! Keep up the good work.

BTW, the quality of your banner is bad, save it as a PNG file instead.
Happy St. Patricks Day! It was way to plain on the sides, so i gave a little insight on what the rest of the cast is doing...
Hello again, just another update, enjoy it.
Don't laugh at my sleeping pose!!

Anyway, it's good to be back in the sprites business, drawing is so much more complicated... Enjoy!
No Sprites!!
Don't worry, i was just feeling like something different for his little dream sequence, so i drew up a comic, but I will be going right back to sprites after this!