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****I'm looking for an artist to draw my comic out =) I would, but I take to long and have a sort attention span D| So if your interested connect me!****

I'm very open minded love meeting new people and being crazy with friends. I love fashion and make design and hate liars and closed minded people

If you want to know more feel free to ask or check my myspace out <3
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:0 oh my goodness of much has happened since I last read this....push the mayor of a cliff....with pointy rocks at the bottom 8D

keep up the good work :)
silly little tommys 8D that made me smile and here I thought I was going to see cute little kitties doing cute little kitty things....8D I got naughty kitties instead... ^////^ haaaha
o-o is there anyone that he DOESNT hate xD
lol this page made me giggle like a school girl ;P
Desta cant be seme with that girly hur....-gets sissors out-
8D just slip some rat poison into the mayors food David~ >)
lol it wasnt a lie >) Dake wants Tommy to grope his bum ;P
tommy needs to go tanning.... XD lol ebil Dake
WAAAH poor desta D: waaaah i love this comic :)
=O is this a sign of CARING -le gasp-
YAY first comment dance lawlz

:D awww cute cover (and by cute I totally love the snowman) ;D
8D I iz cruelz
lol I wonder if I could use that excuse for my work haa probably not >>

D:Ichiro your such a jerk...ill..... give you a BATH!!! O___O DUNDUNDUN XDDDDDDDDDD lmao
cuuuuuuute :)
yay that sounds awesome :)

aw Desta reminds me of me in this page :x -scampers off-
OH yay contest :D ummm the prize should be..... a drawing? o-o idk xD;; but I would join the contest ^___^

btw love the page very calling minus the sad Desta D:
8D stop being an ass Ichiro hug the kitty!....or lick his forehead....or wahtever cats do >>; XDD
Awww Desta is so cute trying to protect his mommy~
Awwwwwwwwww your making me crry...not really but sad XD I love this comiiiccc~