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Sup, name's Jake, By now, you know about me, i mean i've been here since Late 07, and if you wanna know anything else, or just wanna chat, PM me, and get my MSN, or we can just talk right there.
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o.o why do i have to fight that .__. damnit.
Why doesn't Exis just fight?
And I'm probably gonna get my ass kicked..unless i find some titanium
Lol, Its probably abdie
and mfw i saw this comic o:
I love it .
Lol, for some reason i was thinking of the matrix..where Morpheus was saying red pill or blue pill..
So me, Spik and Nitro decided to start a comic off of an RP. Trust me, Its a good story . Check it out !
First comic is up , Check it out ! (:
Um, this..needs A L O T of work.
Let people believe what the fuck they want to, you can fucking try to kill them if you want, but it wont change their fucking mind. Just believe what you want to, God didn't put you here to fight. Dumbass.
I mean the blue sonic looking character .
Heres a little C+C..
Shade and..rush? His name..right? They need to be edited better..Like rush's shirt..why is it so skin tight? It looks like body paint. And uh, as for the comic, everything is pretty good,, EXCEPT you need to add mouths when people talk, and face expressions.
Reminds me a lot of Danny Phantom . .
Were the hotdogs remembered?
^, yes
and the bang thing looks bad, otherwise its pretty good .
Oh, the golem isn't dead . This is a special Golem ;)
Yes c:
@Snurple & Touhou
I'll try to update daily if i can ^^;
Baaack .
Jake and his son (on the left ) have came back into the house ^^; , who wants to meet up?
Nice ,

Also i couldn't find you on skype .-.