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well, at least Atty is going after DT and giving him advice =)
I have a feeling Atty's personality is going to start rubbing on DT, cause that last full face expression on DT looks awefully familiar xD
*points at Atty*
oh gawds, then Im kinda nervous on what happens between those two now ;u;

but I can't wait to read it, congrates on the 3000+
you totally deserve it!! OuO
February 27th, 2011
lol I just found this comic like 30 min ago xD
I love it so far <3
the characters are really unique, I love them ^^
hurrhurr I'ma love the upcomming pages >w>

lol what are you talking about this ain't sloppy ^^
well that's what happens when you work in the mines for the past 3 yrs Ed =)
and all you've been doing is teaching (and sleeping with Julien), you should have been working out ;)
WOOhooo! Stan and Kyle make the scene xD
lol Clyde =3=
oh gawd, don't tell me he slept wit one of his students xD
aw well I can't blame Julien for becomming attached to Ed, cause for one thing I would so cling on to Ed as long as possible if I had the chance to sleep with him ...apparently every one and a while >w>
and hearing they had good sex, no wonder Julien doesn't want to let go *shot*
lol I like it how Ed looks like in the last panel *spazzes*
January 22nd, 2011
I like the dude in the background in the last panel, lol
I can't wait til the next pages =D
*spazzes and goes back a few pages to only have a nosebleed*
*A* Vincent is jaw dropping, he's soo so so *spazzes*

Lol he's nervous but with sparkles 8D

Hope you won't have anymore problems with your computer D=
lol I'm just here going back and forth a page to see how Liam looked like before and after xD
Awesome job on his age progression!!
*cries of happiness* H-he grew up too quickly T^T
*A* sexy cowboy *shot*
gah your draw the backgrounds really pretty and detailed <3
lol oh Mr.Dove xP
*curious whether he saw *A* *

you updating faster, which bring me JOY!! *spazzes* lol its a shame its almost ending thoug D=
but thats where fanart comes in >=D
December 28th, 2010
Yay!!! you do live!! lol well nice to know you decided to to completely ignore this comic all together though ^^
I hope you get a job and do well in school ;)

I have a feeling Kaito will show up
*Kaito senses are tingling*
I like this page, Len looks so cute on the bottom panel, though Rin doesn't look to happy D=
December 22nd, 2010
If you want to do the thing about where we ask questions to the characters, you should make them a formspring at, its basicly a place where someone posts a question and the person whose account belongs to, answers them =)

Lol I like Grey, probably because he's really defensive and he doesn't let himself get violated xD he's a Fighter >=D
plus he's soo cute >w<
D= oh nuuuu
Hurry Craig and get into the light thing!! I'm sure it'll pick you UP!! FLYY!!
ILU =3=
Nakedness+Outside in the Open= me going to an a hosptial from large amount of blood loss

I'm here spazzing and fantasizing and my face is all red =3=
I just found this comic today and I got to say....I'm going to put my SoulSilver game in my microwave and see what happens, hopefully I'll wake up with the first thing I see is Silver *drools*
aww Atty is wet again lol
DT looks so cute >3<
December 17th, 2010
x3 no need to be nervous lol
Well for a sketch comic, I love the sketches ;)
I can't wait to see more from you, though take your time with it, regardless of sketches or not.

And I agree the tones are great and hehe I like you lil chibis x3