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Guys! *waves*

I'm in the middle of CG <strike>class</strike> boot camp right now so Act IV might be delayed more than expected. Rest assured though that we have absolutely no plans of abandoning Soul Dice! Thank you so much for your patience, as always.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share a special gift from the lovely CyprinusFox! I think she portrayed Lan and his Pixie friend perfectly. TT___TT Thank you so much, bb!

@kurohiko: You could say that! >;D

@ShinkuNoAme: We're happy that you're excited, bb! <3

@Myriads of Blue: That's perfectly plausible! *O*/

@Guest: I can't say for sure, but we're aiming for late March! Thank you for your interest! <3

@Alicia Muhm: Aww, thank you so much! >///< We're so glad you're enjoying our little experimental project. *hugs* About our mystery villian -- I'm thinking the same thing!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! <333

- Renka
And, we have the last page!

Unrelated, hope everyone's having a good start to the new year! ;D

@winterdarkness: Hullo, bb! Aaah yes, here's the start of the 'something big' we've all been waiting for! But, you'll have to wait till the next Act to find out what happens. *feels evil* No worries, Act IV will tie up most of the loose ends we have so far, so hang tight! <333

@rainfish: Hey, that's a very, very good guess! *nods approvingly*

- Renka
How's your holiday going? Everyone having a good time? : ) One page left plus one extra for this chapter!

Meanwhile, at the Temple...

@rainfish: He probably is! *O*

@AeryonSun: Mm-hmm! *nods sagely* Isn't it about time, too?

- Renka
Three pages and an extra to go. Hope everyone's enjoying their holidays so far! <333

@derisee o.O: Aww! You're too sweet! Thank you so much, for noticing the little things. <333

@kurohiko: Aaah, good, good. Just as planned. *smiles innocently*

@Tanko: Aww, thank you so much! Ms. T (the writer of Games with Me) will be so glad to hear that you enjoyed our book. \o/

Soul Dice is totally boys' love (in our heads), and there'll definitely be lots of fan service in the future. But, we aren't sure yet if it will contain actual sexy times... That's still up for debate, I suppose?

Either way, thank you for your lovely comment, bb! We really appreciate it! <333

@Myriads of Blue: Aaah! Hmm, not quite, as it seems! It's really fun to see you try to guess, bb! Thank you for your comments. <333

- Renka
Hi, everyone! Thanks for 1,100 fans! We're down to four pages plus one extra for this chapter. Hang tight!

@derisee o.O: Aww, thanks, Hon! *hugs!*

- Renka
Hi, Guys! Long time no talk. We're actually approaching the end of this chapter -- a handful of pages left, just enough to get us through the year.

Act IV is in the works, but we might need to go on a 2-4 week hiatus before we resume posting, because I'll be taking full-time CG lessons over the next few months, and kurashu is, well -- she's still studying animation, and you know how that goes. We have every intention of keeping up the pace for the rest of the year. We hope you'll wait for us!

Thank you for sticking around, and we hope everyone's having a good winter so far! ; ) <3

- Renka
Hey, Guys! Welcome to our new readers and thanks for hanging in there! <333
As usual, thank you Guys for staying with us! \o/ <333

@isuzen: Aww, yeah, same. *sigh* <3

@Myriads of Blue: Something's bound to happen sooner or later... ; ) <3
Hi, Guys!

Nothing new this week, just this Manga Walkthrough, a little step-by-step tutorial I made using pages from this chapter in case you wanted a peek at the technical side of Soul Dice along with some tips and tricks.

Thank you so much for staying with us, and have a Happy Scary Halloween! <333

@MegaAnimeFreak7: Aww, thank you so much! *///* <333

- Renka
afsdjflasj;;; 1000+ FANS! Our minds are blown! Thank you so much!!! <333

I know I still owe everyone celebratory art, but aaahh, I can't seem to think of a theme that I'm happy with. Rest assured though that it's on the way! <333

@hushsee: Yes, of course! Yay for simple goals in life. \o/ I'm thinking Ying's ceremonial garb is more of a tradition than an accurate image of the Goddess, but, yes, this is how the people think the Goddess looks like.

@rainfish: Thank you, Dear! <:D

@AeryonSun: Aww, thanks! Both of us pitched in. <:D We're glad you like it!

@isuzen: Thank you, bb! <333

- Renka
There's a reason why no one pegged Ying as the High Priestess during her trip to the village earlier.

@kurohiko: Thanks, Rei-nee! Aww, yeah, SD is kind of a slow burner but we'll get to the fan service when we get to it. *hugs* <333

@1cookiesNcrean1: Haha! Glad to know you think that way! :D

- Renka
Oh, no. What's wrong with eating with chopsticks? For me, spoons pick up either too much or too little food for one mouthful. Chopsticks are just right. Good thing we had Japanese food the last time! ; )
You Guys. Are. Amazing.

I'm not sure why, but we've been getting a lot of adds since the last update! It's really inspiring, to say the least! Maybe it's because of the last few pages, or the new artworks in the Gallery, or a mix of both…? I don't know what you people want from us! But, thank you!!! <333

As for the story, we're building up to another climax which I think you guys will really like! ; )

- Renka
@kurohiko: \o/ It's finally here! Looking forward so much to this story, Love! <333
Hi, Guys! Thank you so much for 935+ readers! *excited*

The Gallery is finally open! (See? There is an end to my procrastinating!) So far, we have a Fanart section to showcase the lovely artwork we've received over the years. I haven't had a lot of time to make new illustrations for Soul Dice... but I will, eventually! I promise! *wrings hands*

Also, there's a pair of new link-to-us icons on the About page, in case you guys want to share Soul Dice on your website. <3

PS. I've opened shop for Commissio ns -- I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look! <333

@Lizzie-chan: Yup! There'll be more soon! ; ) <333

- Renka
September 27th, 2012
@Zyephen: Nonsense! You pay just the right amount of attention to everything!
September 26th, 2012
Aaah, your pages are amazing!!! The facial expressions are just PERFFF... *wipes brow* <333
Hey, Guys! Thanks you so much for staying with us! As always, if you've something in mind, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment. <3

@ShadowFish: Thank you so much, Love! <3

@PandaDemon: Thank you so much! ;3; We're glad you're enjoying the character development! <3

@V-chan: Hey, you! *glomps* Thank you so much for coming by. <333

@AeryonSun: Thank you so much, Dear! <:D Here's another update for you. <3

- Renka
Working on a new batch of pages to keep up with future updates! <333

@NobodyStudios: Thank you so much, Dear! \*3*/ <3

@Cainael: Hahaha! Oh, you. ;D Lan's about as red as a tomato just from your suggestion alone! <333

- Renka
GUYS! Thank you so so much for 900+ subscribers!

I've just settled down in a new city and we finally have Internet. I'll open the Gallery really soon, I promise! Meanwhile, here's more whump! for everyone.


- Renka