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Sup, some random guy who likes to read comics.
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I'm reading this and still like it.
Sableyes eat jewelry! Carbinks look like jewelry!
Welcome back.

>Wait next to the door and be ready to hit the person coming out with your metal pipe should they look dangerous.
Pretty hard to choose when you know nothing about the characters. Though I guess having a surprise would be nice too for the people who vote.
Bleerg. I really wanna ask something cool for the Q&A but I can't think of anything interesting for a slice of life comic. Oh well maybe this is an interesting question.

To Alexis: What are your thoughts of people who do cosplay? Ever saw someone as your favorite mon or card monster?
I would check the blog when/if it's made but, I wouldn't know what to ask.
>Take a look at yourself with the mirror piece.
>Smash the door open with the metal bar.
Only thing I know is that it contains a capture net or something inside. This capture net is can be applied to objects other than a pokeball such as a the nets bug trainers have.
YEESSSS. Good to see this back. I also hope the author enjoyed whatever it was again he was doing during the hiatus.
His going to die isn`t he?
> Does that mean you learned that ash sniffing after you were taken in or were you excluding traditions in the list of things that you can`t remember.
Left: bandits
Right: bandits
Can`t they just run forward?
>Stab the harpy in the back and take your friends to safety.
>Nyla, if the enemies gets close to her then she`s screwed.
>Use magic to improve your sight.
>3. People of the forest are said to wear green and you are some kind of (forest) elf.