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i like soccer mario and sonic games
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you know that sonic is not the fastest character
the bird from roadrunner is much faster
Look out sonic and mega-man
mario is going to get a better chance of winnig because mega-man and sonic are getting weaker each time.
I think
i think while shadow and x are fighting luigi could powed them both=]
Chaos luigi
in your foto luigi lokes funny
ooohhh,and in smbz mario had the cape and gains power like super sonic.
it would be better if mario y luigi had the cape to make him fly and fire form like in super mario bros.z
i think?
maybe mario and luigi will have the power of flying like in super mario galaxy but we all know what sonic,shadow,mega-man,and x will
mario y luigi
Good mario =)
sorry luigi =( next time =)
luigi and mario
i hope they do better
mario will win whith is plummer moves and fire
hero of comedy
u r right about luigi fighting king boo=)
mario bros
i knew that the mario bros was a great team
cheers for mario bros!!!!!!!!!!!
mario bros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go mario and luigi
super luigi
RUN luigi
go mario