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Hello, I no longer make web comics. Sonic Club was my first web comic that I created in 2006.
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Hey DGF! That's awesome! I'm glad it helped you figure that out. It helped me figure a lot of stuff out as well...
Hopefully you're successful! If and when you are, you gotta tell me what games you're working on haha ;P
You were (and still are!) a great friend to me on here, and I'm seriously grateful. Thanks for everything dude. (= Tell me if you have an Xbox live gamertag or something, we could play something every now and then! (=
September 16th, 2012
Hey everyone
So yes, this is the end. Sorry if this was a bit sloppy and if there are any grammar and/or spelling errors, this was kind of rushed. Thanks to Degreenfreak, Xavier, and anyone else that I didn't mention that was involved with Sonic Club. I had fun times here. Thanks for reading, guys.
I was a 12 year old n00b when I started out. I'm 17 now, almost 18 in a couple of months. I've grown up and matured a lot since. Does anyone ever look back at old stuff they posted when they were 12 and feel embarrassed? Hahaha =).
If you guys have any kind of questions, feel free to ask.
Also, I will check back at SC from time to time, so I'm not going to be gone forever I hope.
He has no reaction to the kiss?? Madness! :O
[quote] "That's not a scouter, it's an infrared beam detector device thing....slash communicator.

And it's such an old joke, really, stop being unoriginal." [quote]

What the hell did he mean by that? I don't get it.
I'll update when I can...
I think not.

Find the rules somewhere in the news in you'll see why. -_-
DGF, please don't say "oh my God" :( sorry, those are the rules.
Well, better than me, fo sho!
you're not ugly, you're very preatty :]
yay :D
To tell you the truth, same here...
I VERY RARELY watch TV now, beacause of interent... BUT, I do agree that I do need a TV if want to play vedio games. Especially Halo 3 <33 lol
Silly, stupid Amy :3
o'er here in California(america) it's 10:36 PM
wat time is it over there in Aus?
Oh! I just noticed the new banner! It freackin rocks[for real] I like :D
Thank you! ^^
I luffers it :D
I gonna write some awesome things on it :D
ok lol
Me likes the song With You :3
and With>You :3
Actually, I like every single one of their songs, and VERY much. :3

And.... Please no worshiping of vedio games people >> *looks around*

I wanna make a sprite she-- wait... DGF, weren't you making some sprites for me? Sorry... I dun wanna be a jerk or pushy, but it's been a year now... >> *looks around again*

Yay for LP :3 (again)
No sexual comments pls... Xev... *cough cough*

Yeah, I read your comment, and I accept your apology. Thank you for accepting mine. And PLEASE don't crack anymore.