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I love playing video games, especially Brawl and most Nintendo games.

Currently in high school.
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    Ernest Filamor
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Updated Link P-761453841

Yeah I accidentally deleted this earlier so here's the link if you want to know what's in stores.
@BlueDevil: I know, but since this whole drama is not only happening here but also on Deviant Art and I'm the main reason he knows about SFC, so it's my responsibility to try to keep him calmed down.
Oh boy....
Chimchar, I know you're probably mad by the time you're done reading the comic, but take a really deep breathe and think of happy thoughts. Don't say something you'll really regret.

Please Chimchar. Do this for all sake.
Calm Down
@Tailslover13: Look, I know you're mad about all this and once I saw this comic I knew you were going to cause a shitstorm. Please try to not let your emotions take over and cause some havoc. It's probably really hard for you, but I beg that you need to keep calm and not be very stressed out. I really don't want this to end very badly for you.
Wait Wait Wait......Weren't there supposed to be 5 Pre-Merge boots? Unless you counted Minerva as one.

Oh yeah, I said this earlier on Deviant Art, but I didn't want to have you guys leave out on Jeeves. I'm hosting an SFC Hall of Fame to celebrate the 10th season. More info here:

Since most of you guys don't have a Deviant Art account, just e-mail me your 5 nominations.
O_O' Da fuck?

Well....there goes Amy's plans to date Sonic, unless......NO BAD CONSCIOUS! BAD!
@Slicer37: I'll try and avoid making comments like what I did.

-_-' I should have thought first BEFORE making that comment. fml
I just read "Prescilla"'s last confessional.....O_O'

Great, now I'm imaging it right now. DAMN IT! But it just game me a wing boner.....-_-' IS that normal?
About one of the questions.
You said Brock was the only contestant who made the merge and went to only 1 Tribal Council.... forgot about Season 1.

Skylar and Hogan both made the merge and only participated in 1 Tribal Council.
It's pretty obvious Alexandria's going home next....
Ouch, Rogue already found out on her first try.

I wonder if she'll use this on Knuckles......I would love to see his reaction.
It would be so hilarious once Rogue sees Tails and then tells Knuckles Melissa is actually Tails. Can't wait until that
Kevin was obviously murdered by Omay behind the camera. lol
Dude calm down. It's just for fun...It's not like we are dead right 100% serious.....right?
Everyone listen to Coco.

Betty is our obvious winner. So everyone vote for Betty.

Heck for those of you who asked, I started this campaign to vote for Betty on Deviantart.
I'm sure Martin will be fine the next day.....I'm hoping....
O_O' ......

OH great I just pissed myself...
As Jeff of BB11 said.

"I got the power now you guys feel the pain."

And boy did Chrii did that right in the balls.

Nice reference to BB11. Even the cast roles are familiar.

Ryuia, Chloe, and Dinah = Lydia, Natalie, and Chima

Chrii = Jeff

Krauss = Russell

Ker = Jordan

Phil = Kevin

Quad, Wrecker = Michelle (sort of)
Wow. OTTN for Manya overall. Really surprised.

I think Quad wasn't P, but N for his stupidity. That's my opinion.

But I'm just asking if you're interested in doing an Edgic for my Survivor fanfic. It's on my Deviant Art Profile. It's already on Episode 11, but it's your choice.
Poor fish.....

But I won't even know how the hell is Bub going to carry the fish.........