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my mission is to make people laugh thier asses off.

For ass harvesting of course.


tumblar personal:

tumblar art:
:0 aw snap
hahaha it seems like the beginning of a real sweet ride.
i needed to submit something to make up for my lack updating.

this is pre-runaway back when Owl was at home and actually going to school.
The Event Horizon Means No Going Back, Boy!

What the song this chapter?

Lost in The World by Kanye West.
onward to chapter 2!
had by a 17 year old. for shame.
This isnt me announcing im going on haitus or anything this is me announcing that ucoom has a concept blog i update with random things relevant to the story and will answer any nonspoiler questions most times.

have some nice spoiler type art though.
he's running after him because of his passionate love for him of course. /of course/
Owl why must you be so cold? what is it man... what is it? Whats this mission?
can gifs work on this site??? ANYWAY IT'S OWLS BIRTHDAY TODAY! Right before april first! 18 years old- he's legal now. whatever that might imply. This also makes him an Aries. haha.

also if you guys dont know Ucoom actually has a blog so if you ever have questions i believe even if you dont have a tumblr they can be sent through the ask box /or i think they can hmm/
Owl how mean, your mom is worried about you. WAIT FOR THE DAY YOU BECOME A PARENT. You'll see.
The only thing that'll happen from a 2 story building is that you'll break a leg.
on a real note Owl doesnt hate him or anything.

/shit quality but idgaf
I like how he acts as if it's a trick question.
this really rustled my jimmies.

note: never draw fences ever again.
i'm going to use a ruler from now on ok guise.
no comment but...
my stomach hurts....