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Thriller Man

My name's Andrew. My friends know me better as the Thriller Man. I'm a fan of mostly anime, Nintendo, drawing, singing, and other stuff. Hope you guys like my work. :)
No, that's really Mario she's seeing, unfortunately. No premonition.
Okay, good! Mario and Link aren't dead! (at least not yet). And how is it that Zelda still has enough magic left to heal them after all she's done since infiltrating Ganon's Tower? That's crazy.
We got Peach back, folks. Gotta give Zelda some credit. She's played such a key role in this comic so far.
A continuation of the Luigi/Daisy meeting. Good to see Luigi still fighting. Also, no need to worry about Daisy. She's doing just fine.

So ends this scene. Update coming soon.
Reinforcements #4 - The Sarasaland Crew, lead by Princess Daisy
Reinforcement #2 - Captain Syrup
Reinforcement #3 - Donkey Kong
Reinforcements #1... the Koopas.

Even the Koopas are fighting against Ganondorf. Not that they care about the heroes, but right now, Ganondorf and his minions are the bigger enemies.

Also, if you're a fan of this comic as well as ScrewAttack, you may be interested in checking out ScrewAttack's Death Battle from last week - Bowser vs. Ganon. Click here to watch.
Let's check on our heroes. We already know these people are fighting, but now, apparently, reinforcements for the heroes have come. The next few pages will reveal who they are.
I really wanted this page up earlier in the week. A full time job can take its toll on you at times, but regardless, I finally managed to complete it. More to come shortly, guys. Now... where did Zelda go with the heroes?
Updates are coming this week. I needed to get the next lineup of pages set up.
Well, I suppose it's not quite the end yet.
Well, guys, that's the end. Hope you enjoyed. :P lol
This may not end well.
Been doing more sketching than uploading to make for better uploads in the future. Regardless, let's be honest about this page. You guys saw this one coming.
Sorry for the late entry. Christmas and New Years celebrations got the best of me. Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays. Guess the best way to kick this year off is with Mega Mario trampling Ganon.
Page 326

Mega Mario with a Power-Star aura. Let's see if this will be enough for Ganon.
Yeah. Mario is still using the Power Stars along with the Power-Up. He's pretty much in the best shape he could possibly be in to face this form of Ganon, who at this point is tremendously powerful.
Ganon's proven to be more than a challenge for both Mario and Link combined. At this point, Mario's got nothing to lose.
Page 324...

Ganon going crazy! Just to let you guys know, this form of Ganon is what I like to call True Ganon. This form brings nearly the full potential of the Triforce of Power if not THE full power. Not even the monster Ganon is stronger than this form. For this climatic battle, I wanted to make sure Ganon didn't go easy on these guys ;)
Just a note. Throughout random weekdays, I'll post updates, but Saturdays are a guarantee. Hopefully, I can get back to doing an update a day, but if not, don't worry. There's still more to come soon ;)