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Geez not much to say...

If you want to ally with me the just PM me.
I guess I don't have any friends yet.
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    Gtrhero... duh
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I might not be able to update soon but Gtrhero will try and return as soon as possible.
Faite: Pick up fork and poke Glandor
Read my previous statement.
This is slowly turning into a drawn comic...
... Red team might need a new TV
Poor little Dragon thing.... Hes gonna win.
I never said that. Sorry the game has already started and I am pretty certain that we can not add more people to this.
If... I mean when red loses, Penne is going to be voted off.
Oh... darn what happens if red loses?
At least two Red team members went.
Dang... Red team again...
Grrr I can't update until Penne does
Bass is Dave. that is my guess
Good Luck you two and may the best man... erm spriter win.