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Otter, your comment makes me all sad and introspective n' stuff.
The color scheme of Marus' thingie burns my eyes while simultaneously reminding me of christmas. Maybe that's what you were going for?
Yay! Shakespearean dildo-lightsabers!

I enjoy making that sound way too much.
I think it's interesting that neither Steve nor his girlfriend use periods much when they talk. It's all just one big run on sentence.

....I think it's funny anyways...
Oh, Ziggles, I had forgotten about that!
But yes, if all goes to plan, that is what will happen.
I'm sorry to say this...
But with that lighting, Del just looks like he has really fucked up hair, rather than goggles.

But I do like that line.
There never was any sense in the first place. That's what we've been doing all along!
Depends on the power.

And, you know...

Technically right now they're not superheros. They're just supers. Or mutants. Who knows? Either way, they are by no means 'heros.'
*lowers hand*

*surreptitiously hides a video camera in Marus's room*

This one reminds me of a Surviving the World comic.

Also, about those hugs....
I have the sudden urge to be ALL OVER YOU right now.

How's Saturday work for you?
I thought the glowy eyes were just because of poor lighting.

Shows how little I know!
I want to give him a teddy bear to cuddle.
Seriously. Look at that face!
Next time...
Let me draw the people. I'm Better at it.
*high fives all around*

Celebratory Orgy in the back room, pronto!
And I'd trade all my trophies for super powers...
But that's neither here nor there.