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If I had time for a life, I would throw it away for time to work on my comic. :/ Until then:
"Vis Comica."
This comic is seriously awesome. It's original and your style is certainly eye-catching. I can't wait to see more. :)
I've yet to play the game but I do wonder... I heard Connor can pet animals and generally gets along/knows how to handle critters. I wonder if that implies Altair and Ezio don't get along well with animals..? >v>
@Nerds from Bath: Well, thanks! Actually, thanks a LOT! No sarcasm here, I really appreciate your comment! <3

I'm actually rebooting the comic and one of the reasons was because of the gross, ugly raw scanned images! So boring! The updated version will be shiny and colored and have better writing!

Check back every once and a while. If all goes as planned, the comic will be restarted this spring or summer (2013).

Thanks again, you guys! :D (I assume multiple as you said "we"... correct me if I'm wrong!)
Yaaay! I missed White Noise so much! I'm so glad it's back. These past few pages have just as adorable as ever. <33
So cute. <3 It was short and sweet and the ending wasn't dragged out, but it wasn't too sudden either. Wonderful. :)
That second panel! Perfect depiction of her excitement.
Sorry for the late reply. Yeesh I'm slow. o__o;;

Okay, thanks so much! When to add them is a formula that I have yet to figure out, so I was just wondering. Thanks again. C:
This comic..
I can't wait for more. <3
That first line.. xD "worked on this for like 20 minutes last night because I spent the rest of my time sulking"
I almost flipped my computer when I saw Roger Sherman! Yeah, Connecticut! :D
Finally catching up with the comic, and it's still as great as I remember! I hope we get to see Mook again, he makes me laugh. <3
Your sarcasm is brilliant, by the way. It's so natural!
I have a tiny question, if you wouldn't mind?
(^No, not that one!) When you draw the comics, do you add in the speech bubbles as you draw or do you complete the whole page and then go back and add the speech bubbles?
Panel 5
omigod he tied baby Jeremy to a post xDD
Everything an adventure needs
I love how ridiculously silly this comic is, yet equally B.A. It's clever, adventurous, and funny. I'm glad I'm finally getting the chance to catch up! :)
Holy carp I checked the comic by chance thinking, "Maaaybe..." and BOOM PAGES!! I'm so glad you're back! :)
The Unicorns are those ladies at the tea party, aren't they? So when they ganged up on the girl, in her fantasy she lost against the unicorns too?
(I know I'm so late to this comic, I just found it today...) ...But, yeah, isn't that true? Especially Zeus? The story I heard about the creation of humans, Zeus really hated the humans and every time Prometheus helped them in any way, he got super pissy and tried to exterminate them.
This comic is so amazing. I can't even place WHY it's so amazing, but I think it's got something to do with how imaginative it is. <33
That fourth panel reminds me of Asterix, for some reason. That's nothing bad, or meant to be an insult or anything. I just really love the detail in their faces. :)
I feel like I'm Desmond and my brother's Shaun. Oh Lord... X)