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I made a cameo!
And now all of your internet friends are confused!
The guy on the right represents capitalism.
The guy on the left represents ducks.
I hope this helps.
Leprosy does not work that way.
Leprosy in itself only causes loss of feeling, and sometimes paralysis.
This, in turn, can cause gangrene, but that still works.
>>Rocket jump
You should redraw Game Kid as a cat
Because that would be adorable.
He Who Slumbers
February 28th, 2010
Mmm... pineapple
>>Develop pineapple-based superpowers.
The only reason an exists is for those phrases where an a would run into the word after it, ie. vowels or soft h's. But we're New Englanders, so actually pronounce the aitch. Thus, the only time we're really going to use an in front of an aitch is when we're referencing 4chan, or inexplicably trying to spell h out phonetically.
And now I know what I'll be doing this afternoon!
@ ract
You love to... _meat_ them?
What in tic-tac-toe kind of tic-tac-toe are you playing that gives people 35 moves?
I totally laughed in tic-tac-toe.
(Also: "Threat" doesn't actually alliterate with the rest of the title.)
(I only nag because I care.)
I applaud your trying to update the site, but I think you made it a little too wide.
That, or Firefox is trying to make me think I'm crazy, again.
He should use it to fight crime.
Well, it's certainly at least half a comic, so...
Still doesn't change my point... and the fact that yours lacks a giant-sized salamander destroying Tokyo(?) attests to your lack of hackitude.
Addendum: What would we get if we did an all-school comic? Like, everyone ever (besides sevvies) doing a part?
Saw this on the board today. Never thought about it as a comic.
Shows us why one of us is the internet celebrity, hm?
They look like elder things from beyond space and time!
[/unnecessary caps lock]
Well _of course_ it's an awesome word. It's from 1820!
On a related note, I think I need to get around to starting a comic now _just so I can name it monkeyshines_ it is so awesome a word.
Frankly it's only a matter of time until you make a yaoi-based joke, though.
...In fact you could probably mathematically determine the exact moment a comic made by an anime-geek will first make a yaoi-joke.
I mean really.
"...chicken eats _you_."
And they would.
That is all.