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i like me some webcomics.

and actually, most of the webcomics i read aren't teh gay secks, smackjeeves just seems to only host the boy love.
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dun dun DUNNNNN.
now that that is out of my system..

i was so excited to see that this had been updated :3 i cant wait to see more of your lovely arttt
I absolutely adore this!
Can't wait to
February 15th, 2011
this is one of my new all time favorite webcomics. yes.

and good webcomics that update are few and far between. cant wait to read more :3
February 15th, 2011
every time i read this i just want to chant "RU-FI-O" over and over like in hook.

and im so glad you updated. your art is so breathtaking. i loves it :3
OMG YOU GOTTA UPDATE. i wanna know what happens next x]

yay for finally updating :3 after all the posting on your DA, i was hoping you'd update this soon.

i really really love your art style. so distinctive. its gorgeous :]
yay! i was so happy to see this updated :3
cant wait to
omg yay for butt secks.
beautiful updates again :3
you're one of my favorites, yessir
August 27th, 2010
ahhh. your art is so beautiful! i cant wait to see more.
^-^ another fabulous update!
and i just love theron. hes pretty much the best thing ever invented. since cheese, that is :3
pleaseeeeeee update soon.
i really like your art style. very different :]
ohjeez, i cant wait for the next update!
this is truly awesome.
great story. beautiful art. realistic characters.

cant wait for more :D