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I get complimented so much for my lack of panels that I always feel awful when I end up using them. But I loooovvvve drawing reaction shots, and manipulating four bodies in space was very hard back when I originally "scripted" these scenes. I promise, very few "panels" for the rest of the story! Promise! ... maybe!
I did it!!
I maintained my update schedule DESPITE having computer problems! Yesssss! I am amazing!
@Captain Ghost: Thank you! Ahaha, sorry I was away so long!
July 5th, 2012
Happy happy happy
I'm so pleased to be bringing you pages again. I don't even care if anyone reads them. I just like making this comic for fun.
Sorry everybody
THAT was a long hiatus. =/ Oh well. We're back, now! (Hopefully, hahar!)
Thank you!! <3
Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me to get such encouraging comments. <3 It just makes my day!
April 27th, 2011
It is good to be able to provide semi-regular updates. Hope for once a week? Pray? Sacrifice offerings at shrines? ... Bribe?

Or just be patient with me. ^_^
April 27th, 2011
It's summer vacation, baby! And you all know what that means... Staying up til 2 in the morning, DRAWING! Until your wrists ache! Until your eyes bleed! Until you have new pages complete!


I hope to finish this comic this summer, or at least double the amount of current pages. See you all next week!
August 17th, 2010
I almost never "finish" a page, without having to go back and change something like twenty minutes later cause it was wrong. (Forgot a belt, didn't shade an arm, etcetera, etcetera...) However, this page, I didn't!

Edit: Actually, yeah, I did. >_>' I changed the size of the characters on the page. -sigh-
August 17th, 2010
I went shopping the day I finished this page, with my Mommy. ^__^ I bought pants. I am always short on pants. I prefer to run around with bare legs, but unfortunately, I live in a cold place. >_> But now I have pants. So, umm... <3

Also, you can view a closeup of the second "panel" over at my deviantArt Account.
Feels good to get pages done. :3 It's, like... I just get filled with pride. This is my longest running comic attempt, ever, and certainly my only truly PUBLIC comic attempt.

@ Living Rock - Thanks for the comment!
Computer Problems
Due to some sort of argument between my graphics card and flashplayer, sometimes my computer will BSOD me for no good reason. I think it's linked to a highly addictive flash game I always have open when I'm working on art on my computer... So, no more multitasking for me. :O

((However, I'm a slow learner, and this took me like five mid-page crashes before I realized this. ~sighs~ So this page took way longer than usual.))
I'm in love...
... WITH THIS PAGE! Ohoho. I really like this background. Like, half because I think I did a fairly adequate job on it art-wise... But mostly I just love this room, in my mind. The blanket, the "earthy" architecture... The warm dusk light. <3 This is a place I would love to spend a lot of time.
Well, well, well...
First background change in TEN PAGES. Were any of you getting sick of the curvy trees? I know I was actually in love with them. xD I would've kept them around forever. 90% of my favorite scenes take place in the forest.

@Captain Ghost: Thanks! It's really not TOO much work to do. Mine took me, like, an hour on and off. So go do it! -shakes fist-
August 4th, 2010
New Chapter!
Well, we're finally onto chapter two! This page marks being 20% done the comic. Not a very exciting landmark page, but... :)

From now on, I'll update on Wednesdays. I promise. <3 Every Wednesday. Because I love youuuuu.

OH, ALSO! New "Characters" page added! It took me a really long time to figure out html... But I'm pretty sure it works on everyone's resolution. Let me know how you think it looks, please!
Evil senses DEFINITELY tingling!

:3 And cute artwork! Can't wait to see what happens next.
I think the pacing is fine!! And I totally dig the story so far. :) Can't wait for more!
Love. <3 So much love for this comic.
Oh no!!! But the hat is the source of all his powers!!

<3 What a cute comic! I can't wait to see more!