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lolz trying to find good comics not on hiatus =( -that or encouraging them to continue with them XDD-

Well for starters. I like shoujo/Love/Romance/squishy-cuddly art^^/Drama/Effort/Tones in my manga XD
But anything eyecatching will draw me in -simple minede, yes?-
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wahaha XD the penguin is awsome!
The bosss' halarious and I like the tones *-* definate fave 4me.
keep up the good work
I remeber I use to pick those and blow on them all the time when I was a kid.
Then my mom told me that I was just spreading weeds on our lawn XD *made me stop*
-sorry 4 babbling-
Awww I like the colors and she looks cute sitting on the hill^^
ooh~ I like your toning and your backrounds skillz are good!^^ -well. better than what I can draw- Ill definately fave cause it seems like it'll be a fun comic XD
nicely done with the tones~Its like a real manga! which means I need to know what happens next XD no. But I hope you can continue with this when you can 8)