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I felt so dumb for a moment. I was like.... wtffff o___e then i was like :D IGETITTTTT!!(ignore the fact that i didn't use spaces and it spells tit.) (:
:D I love his hairrrr
September 4th, 2010
I'm going away for labor day weekend and my mom won't let me bring JonJon (Mr. Co-Author) with us )):
cuz she's a meanie face.
I won't be able to update again until around tuesday or something.
Sorry I was gone for a few days with my best friend(Mr. Co-Author). So now I'm back and I'm gonna upload a lot of pages to catch up :D

edit: oops. I forgot to draw Frankie's hat >.> USE YOUR IMAGINATION :D <3
I didn't feel like drawing a page today... and since this comic isn't gonna get up to winter here is Charlie and Caroline in their winter what nots lol (:
somewhat style change? Apparently so.
Alright so
so I got sick of drawing all the characters by themselves lol and I was just getting lazy with it all so... I'm just gonna jump the gun and get into the comic.

Sorry about my random style changes... my drawing style on paper is different then my tablet style for some reason lol...
lets begin (:
Frankie Green
Age: 16
Hair: Blonde and Green
Eyes: Hazel

She is Caroline's best friend.
Age: 15
Hair: Black and purple
Eyes: Blue

She's awesome. Lol.
Like seriously.
Charlie won't be in the first chapter too much. He's mostly a second chapter and on main character. But he's one of my favorites so onward!

Charles Black
Age: 17
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black and Red

He plays drums.
He's loud, crazy, and awesome.
He's tall.
This comic has a lot... and I mean A LOT of characters. So before each chapter starts I'm going to introduce each new character before the chapter starts and a small thing about them so that things don't get confusing...

so starting...

Age: seventeen
Hair: light blue
Eyes: gray blue

She's one of the main characters.
She draws and takes pictures.
She's clumsy.
like wtssssss
I'll still upload small little strips during the break and some pictures that I draw of them so this comic won't be dead for the whole time.
I only colored their hair because I kept getting confused as to which one was which xD
:D me and him have the same name...
FoxGoddesYoko: it's a 4/20 joke.
oh gasp! What's gonna happen next?!
hahhaha oh gosh that's so mean xD
I love it!
Awwhhhh the brotherly love is so cute!!
haha I love her facial expression :D

poor Luke... oh well. He'll get over it... hopefully.