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this is it, the scientists played it all out very well, every move. they lured in the heroes and use their own moves against them..."checkmate" end of the world as we know it
does it involve Eggs ? or a fleet looking like animals ? or an entire army of eggman lookalike robots ?
of course you can blame her, anyway the way she put it it sounds like cheese is now a brain eating undead
in the first panel, megaman's text balloon tail isn't connected to the text balloon
I don't think sonic will touch the time stones, or if he does he will propably EVOLVE instead of devolve in some kind of Mecha Sonic. and L...this conclusion of mine was so obvious, wasn't it ?
let me explain, Megaman did something good and wrong with the time stones, the thing he did good was, he went back in time. the thing bad was. instead of TRAVELLING back in time he Devolved in time....I think...into the earliest prototype of megaman (before protoman even) a gameboy
coincidentaly I AM a model builder, Miniatures-painter and RPGer. I just always do this stuff in the basement, where it's cold, dark and ominous.
why operate from the kitchen, when you have a living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. BTW I wonder if Dr light's feelings toward Vanilla will prevent him from stopping them (as vanilla could be seen as the "mastermind")
gee we all agree that one world leader would do better than what's out here now. Too bad there aren't any Evil Scientists with robot armies here in real life
it's not THAT bad, they conquer the world, change the law, earn a lot of (illegal) tax's not like they're planning to DESTROY the world, if the world leaders just gave up it would save a lot of people, cities, etc...they probably do better than the CURRENT world leaders anyway.
I don't think that the Bio Force Gun (aka BFG) would deal enough damage to destroy the bassnium power core, not even damage the hull (bass' body) I think one of the better ways is to disintergrate him with a beam from a space sattelite (for example ARK) or with a Ion Cannon
You never played Indigo Prophecy (fahrenheit) did you ? when the murderer saves the kid the police are like "let's cut him some slack, he saved the kid"
you know, for being 2 evil scientists...they do alot of good. You should rename the comic to 2 good scientists. then again, they're back to evil again so...
by the way, I didn't noticed it yet but NICE job on the smoke from the explosion
he doesn't fit in there...does he ?
yes, Wily will move in with Vanilla and...Eggman....well he will move in too
lol @ sonic again. That joke is just as morbide as trying to dig up their own bodies
well I guess that's the end of the comic then. No wily and eggman mean NO TES...wait, isn't zero still somewhere in Limbo and can save the TES ?
everybody go "awwwww"
yah right. poke a robot in it's eye.