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It's scary how she reminds me of my mom D: Trust me, not cool sometimes
I got this cute guest comic from [url=]Teshii[/url] She is planning to start a webcomic soon, so check her out :D I know I will.
It would be somehow obvious that Shiratori is seme, therefore it would be more fun to see Haru as seme.
A few changes to the comic. I started drawing normal eyes (I'm trying, haven't drawn eyes in a year at least xD) and I will write the text in the bubbles, not put them in in paint, 'cause that was just pathetic. One more thing, my PC died, so I can't really edit the page in any way, so bear with its crappyness.
September 21st, 2009
Jack is so cute in this one :D
September 21st, 2009
i had a character named Mia Lynna few years back:D But she wasn't as cute :P